Me and the Girl

I like December because Christmas shopping gives me an excuse to take the kids out singly, which I always enjoy. Yesterday, Nyn and I went to Edinburgh.

That’s right, those are a US 6.5, so she’s certainly fitting into adult shoes now.

The German Market is in town! Pretzels and pyramids for everyone!

Put a moon in the door instead of a heart, and you’ve got something I seriously need to own.

Warm pretzel love.

Possibly the best thing of the day–all bedecked with garland was this kid with a sign that said ‘free hugs’. How could we not? Reminds me of the Seattle ‘smile’ guy.

Nyssa really wanted a trip to the salad bar at Pizza Hut. The waitress convinced her to get the kids meal because it included one for free. See here her puny salad. I love the ‘I’ve been gipped’ look on Nyn’s face when surveying her meager bowl. Hehehe.

We had a very nice time, and public transport actually more or less worked (it’s been real touch and go lately). We got our gifts, wasted all sorts of time in shoe and perfume departments, and drank plenty of decaff lattes. Having a daughter is excellent stuff.


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One Response to “Me and the Girl”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    At last you’ve updated! We went to the market today, one day we will just spontaneously bump into each other maybe! I cannot believe how unwrathful Nyssa looks at that, that, that…DOLLOP of salad! Outrageous! I suppose they are shocked by children who want to eat salad (not that the Pizza Hut salad bar contains a great deal of vegetation…I still love it anyway, I always have the potato salad covered in bacony bits and then I make a roof of lettuce and gloop on some blue cheese into which I press a great deal of sweetcorn. If you’re not having the all-you-can-eat then constructing a perimeter fence of vertical cucumber slices enables a second layer of salad to be piled on top too.)


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