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Package Requests

October 23, 2008

Nyssa showed me a little craft project today in her American Girl Magazine (sounds a bit nationalistic, doesn’t it..nothing of the sortreally), and requested some of those spearmint gummy leaf candies that you can get in the States. That reminded me that this is round about the time of year that family back home starts pondering what to put in packages. We are altogether too spoilt, but I have to admit that we don’t mind it at all. 🙂 So, here are some food items that we find ourselves longing for:

-the aforementioned spearmint leaves
-cinnamon gummy bears
-red Nibs
-Nestle Crunch/the hershey equivalent (Krackle?)
-peanut butter baking chips
-brickle baking bits (forget what they’re called..tiny bits of toffee–can you believe you can’t get those in *britain*??)
-gummy bears
-fruit snacks
-wintergreen candy canes
-rootbeer anything
-red ropes
-tootsie rolls, particularly the fruit flavored ones. Footies are nice too.
-york peppermint patties
-come to think of it, mini candy bars of any description. I miss raiding the Wal-Mart clearance aisle after Halloween!
-Luna Bars (especially the s’mores ones!), Clif Bars (especially peanut butter or carrot cake!), things of that sort that don’t involve dates or raisins are really very much appreciated. I had Luna bars sent this way once and customs about killed me.
-flavoured beef jerky, particularly that jamaican kind
-that crappy international coffee powdered stuff, any flavor so long as it’s decaff

I hate that I can’t get Cool Whip. I know it’s rubbish, but I can hardly bear to make pumpkin pie as it’s just not the same without it.

Now, if people would send me a list of the foods they would like from the UK, I could try to get packages out in a timely fashion this year. I would assume that everyone likes Cadbury and McVities cakes, but I don’t recall anyone actually saying they like the things I send, so.. Did anyone like those flavoured fudges? Hehe, I also need to ponder what gross thing to send Dad this year. I need to keep a record, as I’ve forgotten what I’ve send already. I think there was bloater paste, spotted dick pudding, lunch tongue, steak and kidney pie in a can..they’ll can anything in this country.

Oh yeah, does anyone want Christmas crackers (those British party favors you pull from both ends)? I can get them premade or send you kits to make them (lots of fun :).

So anyway, please leave a comment or send me an email. There should be a link on the info page, if you’ve not got it.

Bionicle Hell

November 25, 2007

OK, for most of us, myself included, what follows will be gobbledygook. However, some brave people have expressed an interest in getting Joseph Bionicle for Xmas, so here are things he would like:

-Maxilos and Spinak
-Toas: Hahli, Jaller, Matoro, Nuparu, Kongu
-Barraki Deep Sea Patrol
-Toa Undersea Attack

He notes: “P.S. If you are getting one Mahri, please get 8914, then 8911, 8913, 8915 and finally 8910.”

OH, may as well say something about Nyssa’s Sylvanian Families(UK)/Calico Critters(US). She would like the wedding-related stuff. I’m going to get her the river boat and little crews that go with it, and a cottontail bunny family.

For the benefit of Mr James

November 21, 2007

..what the Mrs. wants for Christmas

– a Christmas pyramid from the German market
– Montezuma or Godiva chocolate
– the Lonely Planet ‘Experimental Travel’ book
– a stainless steel frothing pitcher and thermometer
– a candy thermometer
– a super-ergonomic chef knife, with a more bow-shaped hilt
– anything by Bjork post Vespertine
– ‘White Christmas,’ ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ and ‘Charlie brown Xmas’ on DVD. What. Shut up. (wait, I bought White Christmas for myself)
– led kinetic wheel, AWSUM! (ditto..what, it was £1.99 at Camera Obscura!)
– the dyson handheld
– countertop dishwasher *sigh* i admit that the ebay one was a fiasco. now buy me a new one for being properly contrite
– Armani ‘Diamonds’ set
– Body Shop Vanilla Spice stuff
– Estee lauder xmas set of 6 lip glosses
– Michael Palin’s Hemingway Adventure book
– ‘How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking’ and ‘How to Eat’ by Nigella Lawson
– Moosewood Cookbooks I don’t have
– Howard Zinn histories
– a good jigsaw. not a puzzle.
– zmag, new consumer, or harpers subscription
– Bob Dylan Live 1975: the Rolling Thunder Revue CD
– framed, mounted, whatever print of the above
– ‘Happiness is a Sad Song’ by Charles M. Shulz
– a big, gorgeous dictionary, perhaps even a stand for it
– a clarsach, with semi-tone levers *pokes*
– a Wii (pipe dream, given the current demand situation)
– a DS
– Zelda: Link to the Past for GBA
– big, gorgeous houseplants
– florist pussy willows or *really* good fakes
– Futurama and simpsons on dvd
– ‘I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence’ by Amy Sedaris
– fair trade shop decor items, particularly wall hangings
– interesting textiles
– several skeins at least of debbie bliss astrakhan, noro anything, rowan big wool or scottish tweed, or anything else that looks interesting. big gauge wool is nice as I have waning energy for knitting and that’s a pity. stop laughing, james.
– a filter coffee maker with a timer and an insulated caraffe or heat plate. i don’t care what you say, i want one.
– a photo printer
– a color printer
– wireless headphones
– quilting fabric (fat quarter or otherwise): retro/vintage christmas fabric, flannel checks and plaids, batiks, etc.
– head/neck scarves
– kilt/scarf pins, brooches
– a kitten…ok not really (yes really..keeps me from wanting a baby)
– i wanna go to disneyworld.
– i want to be genuinely warm in an outside location for several hours.

Isn’t daydreaming fun?

Packages continued

October 2, 2007

In a previous post I rambled on about customs. I may as well also talk about package contents as well, and get the social awkwardness out of the way.

So, first I guess I should post what we definitely don’t need any more of, due to the generousity of friends and family or because we can get them here:

– kool-aid. Seriously. No more.
– Wilton cake dyes.
– chewing gum (I don’t let the kids have it–sorry Mo, I just can’t get over some neuroses 😉
– black beans
– Starburst and Skittles
– regular Oreos (though double stuff, mint, dipped, etc. would be gratefully accepted)

Things that are always welcome, in any quantity:
– red hots
– hershey kisses
– hershey anything, really
– little reeses peanut butter cups
– reeses pieces
– little debbie/hostess stuff
– graham crackers
– lucky charms. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve found it here, and it costs the equivalent of $10 USD for a small box. I do love those wee marshmallows too. On the subject of breakfast food, I also miss cocoa pebbles and luna bars..
– those fruit roll-ups you find in the produce section, as opposed to the ones with the fruit-by-the-foot (which are evilly tasty, but we have those here)
– cocoa mix with the little marshmallows

People-specific ideas for Christmas, etc.:

– Bionicle, though you might ask for specifics here
– space books
– small stuffed animals
– Doctor Who anything
– craft kits
– boy scouty-type stuff (orienteering, identification, etc.)
– ‘cool’ t-shirts

– Sylvanian families
– health/anatomy books, kits, etc.
– kids exercise dvds (we have a multi-region player)
– any of the newer barbie movies (I think the most recent we have is Princess and the Pauper)
– Hello Kitty stuff
– paper dolls
– Polly Pocket (she needs more of the actual dolls, apparently)
– craft kits
– soft, loose-fitting pants/trousers. No denim or she’ll whinge that she has ‘the wedgie’.

– um..I better ask him. Please, no more t-shirts. Nice soft flannelly shirts would be nice.
– he likes nice pens
– I just asked him, and he says he doesn’t know *rolls eyes*

Hopefully that’s helpful. I always feel strange making lists like that (I even felt wierd writing wishlists to Santa as a kid), but I should be realistic.

Anyway, remember me saying I was intending to be all productive while the kids were gone? Well, it’s already only a couple days until they’re back. Here’s a record of my productivity thus far:

+ ordered a few books on the Tudors
+ got Nyssa’s presents all sorted
+ I think I might have sent a card at some point
+ I paid some bills. Well, technically they’re autodraft bills, so they don’t really count. But I checked the account to make sure they went through! I’m reaching I think.
+ I made a couple pictures posts to my blogs.
+ I made a kitsch christmas card holder (see knitting blog)
+ I knitted and frogged about 6 inches of knitting several times
+ I got a new bag to hold my ribbons
+ I watered the plants (I think)

Pretty bad right? It gets worse. The first week I was ill and completely neglected the house. I don’t remember much really, but the state of the house speaks volumes. Tallying in the backlog of laundry and dishes, I’d say I actually managed to accomplish a *negative* amount these many days. Wow.

Ah well. Soon enough the kids will be back and I’ll be productive whether I want to be or not. 🙂