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Some peechers..

December 14, 2008

..that didn’t fit in thematically with other photos.

Nyssa and Joseph looking rather gorgeous at Ben and Meg’s wedding.

I need to dig out the rest of the wedding photos. There are some funny ones that document exactly how quickly it was that Nyssa managed to make herself unkempt once she was allowed to.

I bought the little heat pad for me..

Roald Dahl and wine, excellent.

She’s looking much too mature these days, if you ask me.

That’s a bit more like it.

Pumpkin spice cookies with chopped chocolate and galaxy buttons. I dunno, they were very nice.

I post this picture of a tired me to show mom my hat and that I still wear Grandma’s coat.

A most surprising thing–I adore scones with clotted cream. There is nothing attractive at all about the words ‘clotted cream’ but the stuff is gorgeous.

Joseph turned 10 this year. He was quite adamant that we get these candles when he saw them in the shop. Poor kid..


Crieff and suchlike

September 9, 2008

The kids’ grandparents were nice enough to let James and I tag along on their holidays with the kids. We weren’t able to go for more than a couple days, due to James’ work and Joseph’s prescription fiasco (still don’t have it, btw), but it was nifty to get out of town.

The place we stayed in Crieff was something else. It was the tower flat in the St. Ninian’s church conversion (see link)–that’s right; for two days I had a tower! Buahahahaha. I did plot mightily the myriad ways I could use such a lair. I need one now.


My superstar in front of the building. They had a trippy color-changing LED light thing. Was very tacky and cool.

Window and chair in our bedroom.

A feature I was NOT impressed with. Why am I gasping? Forget that this was a wetroom and all the unpleasantness that entails–this window, beautiful though it was, did not block people from outside peeking in from the bedroom. If you’ve lived with James, you’ll know why this is neurosis-inducing. If you look carefully, you’ll see not one, but two naughty faces depriving me of privacy. I’m not impressed with Joseph for succumbing to James’ teachings.

Nyn enjoying the trippy tower.

On the road to Ben Nevis, Britain’s tallest ‘mountain’.

I’m not sure what I was doing, probably grinning and saying, “Whaaaaaat?” I’ve been overly fond of photographing James since the beard went (YAYAYAYAY). He doesn’t share my enthusiasm.

On the gondola. Aint he cute? I can see why he’s a bit paranoid people will think he’s a lot younger. Maybe it’s my age, but I have no sympathy. Only, as evident in the picture, an apparent inability to keep my hat on my head.

The view from the top. Have to say, this sort of scenery doesn’t do anything for me. In fact, apart from farmland and forests, not much about the Scottish scenery is that exciting to me, visually. I think I’ve sussed it out–it’s the color scheme. I don’t like yellowed greens. I really really don’t. They remind of things that are unpleasant. It occurs to me now the reason perhaps that those strange sort of colors always end up in Rowan tweed yarns. The air is also fairly oppressive–for the most part there’s a sort of haze that washes out the color, at least to my eyes. It’s like I’ve not seen anything clearly since I moved abroad. Yes I’ve had my eyes checked. Yes, I’m also probably overstating the point. It just makes me happier still with our house, as our view is over stone walls and wheat fields and trees that are dark green for the most part. The rain and haze just make them more picturesque.

I think the gondola workings are pretty interesting to look at. Thinking about it detachedly helps me forget that I’m about to willingly step onto a glorified zip wire.

Neener neener.

My lazy, surly kids. Hehe.

Jamie’s cunning new way to torment and confuse monitor the cats when we’re not at home: the USB Missile Launcher with Integrated Spyscope Webcam. He can log into it remotely from anywhere he has an internet connection. I’ll let your imaginations run wild. Poor kitties.

The kids are now in Nairn with the grandparents, hopefully having seen porpoises yesterday! I’d be jealous, except that I know how windy and cold it probably is out on the water. I’m such a wimp.

Friday I’ll be going with Kosmic (more interesting than just K, and she’ll surely know I’m talking about her, buaha) to the Learning Without Limits conference. They’ve managed to snag John Taylor Gatto as keynote speaker, which is quite something. It also means there’s been a lot of interest outside our little homeschooler network. Have I actually read Dumbing Us Down…, etc.? No, but I can appreciate reputation I suppose. It will also be funny to see the mommy worship. Should make cheeky fandom t-shirts or something. Pfft.

Other than that, not really doing much. When the weather is nice I work in the garden, and when it’s not I work on gutting Nyssa’s room. Ugh. Speaking of Nyn, I’ve taken delivery of most of the presents we’ll be giving her:

She’s still got a CD player coming as well as a few other small things, along with all the mountains of things she gets from her adoring family. Is she not utterly spoilt? The Sylvanian set is actually very, very cute. It’s from the Japanese range and is a little house with a cafe on the front. Sort of ideal for her, really. Also got her a little juice bar, a teeny sewing machine, a wee bureau..hee hee. I do wonder how much of this is my living vicariously through Nyn the childhood with all the toys I would have wanted…ah well.

Speaking also of gardening, I plucked a pretty orange flower the other day and wondered what else I might come up with for a bouquet. I was quite impressed at the variety of things I found!

Fingers crossed

May 3, 2008

So..James loves the house too. He’s even eyeballing new shelving on Ikea’s website to go in what would be his office. Now we just have to hope that we get picked. For this area, this time of year, our budget, and our cat-owning state, we’re just not going to find better.

In all the house-coveting excitement, I did finally finish booking all the internal travel for our trips in, criminy, 2 weeks! We bought another suitcase today which also makes it seem sort of real. I can’t believe I haven’t been home in three years. So much has happened, the kids are huge, I’ve got all sorts of nifty new mental issues, I probably talk really strangely..I’m sort of nervous of how people will receive us. I don’t want us to be foreigners. I don’t think I should let three years pass between visits again, it’s not right.

So. Busy times soon to be had. Hopefully.

Photos from the last week

April 9, 2008

A typical evening, involving the couch and cute people.

I build dresser, I arrange dresser in kitchen, 5 minutes elapse, Mittens claims a new bed.

We were invited to the Isle of Wight this weekend for a stag/hen night(that would be bachelor/ette party, yankees) alternative. It didn’t take long for me to start cheating on my cats.

Joseph across the street from the house we stayed in.

Children in trees at Robin Hill Adventure Park

Hillbilly Slide?! A slur against my people, to be sure.

Joseph trying to use the fabric of his coat to gain speed.

Nyny slidin’ it Alabama style.

A water-squirting feature in a British park in April. Why exactly?

Springtime, one female duck, two males. I’m not sure what we saw was suitable for, well, anyone. Edit: Oh yeah, forgot to mention how amusingly blase the kids are about this sort of thing. Nyssa asked Joseph what they were doing, and he replied, ‘Well, that’s a female and those are males. They’re probably going to have sex.’ Hehe.

Our first go at the Toboggan Run. Joseph took the ‘slow’ signs *really* seriously, and thought that the exclamation points were instructing him to come to a complete stop. Nyssa and I caught up with him just hanging out. He slowed up people so effectively that he got everyone a free ride.

Second time around, they were booking it. Also helps to have Nyn set the pace..

The essential Joseph and Nyssa: somewhat abashed and somewhat diva. OK, no ‘somewhat’ on that latter one.

A cute water toy whatsit that the kids played on after deciding the swinging boat ride of vomit induction would be a bit much.

A gorgeous, gorgeous bird at a falconry display. Reminds me of my dad’s amazing bespoke fiddle with the eagle head for the scroll.

Falconer demonstrating how his naughty bird won’t let go of his treat. Dude was an awesome Scotsman who ranted about how much better Americans are because they won’t just hand over birds to any idiot who fancies taking up falconry, unlike the British apparently.

An interesting zoo alternative.

What, I liked the driftwood. Rather a lot it seems.

A freaking wendy house (playhouse) village. It just can’t get better. Well, I wouldn’t have thought. My kids are spoilt.

I recently got my DS. Set it up to play movies and mp3s, browse the internet, do irc, and other myriad grownupy functions. The kids have pretty much commandeered it. At least they look cute doing it.

This is one seriously good looking boy in his black button-down shirt and trendy jeans. The shy smile just makes him irresistable. Don’t you think?

Nyssa had a successful spare change hunt.

To get to one part of town to another on the Isle, we had to make use of the ‘floating bridge.’ No worries in case of fire–the bridge comes fully equipped with a bucket.

This was sorta funny. Over here it’s very trendy to wear vintagey t-shirts from US locations, whether real or made up, particularly of universities. As Nyssa is the socially capable one when she’s in the mood, I dared her for a quid to go ask Dude if he was actually from Idaho Falls. Haha, he was not.

On the ferry back to Southampton, to catch our long-ass train back to Kirkcaldy.

It was a quintessentially british holiday. Gorgeous weather for two days, hail and snow the next two.

At midnight or so last night we finally crawled through the front door. James of course was already home, having had a flight home. Stoopy job perks 😛