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Girl you know it’s true..

June 30, 2008 friend is so rad. Seriously, have a look at my birthday present from K!

She has fashioned a bowl and plate and gift box out of a Milli Vanilli double album–that she had in her attic! I’m just so overwhelmed that not only did she make something so freaking cool for me herself, but she would have remembered whatever random conversation we had in which I would have indicated the influence of this band in my formative years. 😀

Lots of other random things, beginning with:

an instance of cute..

..followed by an instance of WTF McGyvering. Any ideas what this is? The yarn should be a clue. It’s a ghetto DIY yarn swift! How to make: get a camera tripod, a drill, and a gently sloping circular laundry basket. I think you can figure out the rest. Because the tripod is so short, I did also need a small end table. It works stupid well.

I told Joseph to make an ‘unimpressed’ face.

Speaking of unimpressed, I know it’s unhealthy to fan the flames of resentment that ever burn within me, but I need to vent. You’ve all been bowling, you’ve all strategically placed your shopping bags and children to help conceal from the staff the fact that you’ve refused to wear their funky-ass shoes (right? have I become too OCD?), and I know you’ve all latched on to the one special ball they have that is a reasonable weight, doesn’t pop all your fingers when you bowl, and doesn’t smell of mystery grease. Well, you can imagine my ire when the wee boy in the following photo stole my ball! Let’s forget for a moment that the combined children of our party had hoarded 20 or so on our own racks. Why did he have come and take mine?!

Just to rub it in, Turd Boy’s mum handles my ball! Later she had the gumption to come ask for one of our ramps. I plotted ways to save my ball, but alas I’m only inwardly nervy. So instead I creepily took photos of them.

My ball..

So, on to less insane things..

Or not..this cake makes me weep with squee:

Your initial impression of this tool may be as mine, that it looks fairly lame. But pick a couple colors and see what eye candy comes up. It generates a selection of flickr photos that have been labelled as ‘interesting’ that include your choices. Pretty fun. Found a good wallpaper that way anyway.

This article, posted by the Humanist Society Scotland on the positions of various political parties with regard to education, is interesting. I can sum it up fairly quickly. It covers issues such as secularism, religious practice, diversity, ethics, and creationism. Scottish Government’s position: how quickly they’ve learned to speak cop out! Greens, Liberal Democrats, and Socialists: thank you for being mostly reassuring that all in government is not insanity. Conservatives: predictably, ugh. Labour: ha, didn’t bother to comment at all. Telling? *sigh*

It’s almost 3 in the morning and I have a full day of shopping tomorrow. Not the fun kind. The ‘oh shit, this is my last free day before the move’ kind. Where we’re moving everything must be mail order or acquired with the help of public transport. That said, our new ‘shopping town’ is going to be Perth, a definite improvement I’m hoping.



May 15, 2008

I just read on the beeb that Scotland lost to Russia today in football. Why am I laughing? Because we had to deal with those asshat Rangers fans on the train this morning on their way to Manchester; they having bought the snack bar out of Tennants by 10:00 am and us having to stand with babies and small children smashed against a wall whilst the hollering and yowling yobs drank and enjoyed their seats. The frequency with which they were up and getting riled up, running for the train loo, or otherwise vacating their seats just added insult to injury. And I didn’t get the worst of it–poor S had baby R in her arms and had to tolerate the stinky oafs trying to make the baby laugh and roaring with with pleasure when he obliged them. I admire her fortitude, as I would have started breaching the peace were our positions reversed. As it was, all I could do was help to keep them from stepping on toddler R as they lumbered off the train at Haymarket, then lumbered back on because they were all meant to get off at Waverly, actually… So yeah, HAHAHAHA YOUR TEAM WAS AS BAD AS YOUR MANNERS!!! (f*cktards)

So, this will likely be my last post for a spell as we’re getting on the plane Friday morning for the States. I’m already in an excellent state of sleep deprivation, but I shall strive to make a photo post…

Nyssa loves trying on Camilla-esque posh headband hats. I think Joseph is perhaps performing security duties? That or trying to secure some sort of Star Wars vehicle, which is the current running theme of his imaginary weirding-people-out-in-public play.

If you look closely, and cut and paste the photo to hell, prettiness can be found in Kirkcaldy.

Adult Arts Tuition in Fife = paper machier replicas of Magic Roundabout characters, apparently. Nyss and Jos were reluctant to have their photo taken with them for age-related issues. I suspect they were (justifiably) scared of the things..

So, today in Edinburgh. K and I were discussing the dress of these dudes, and noting how military folk in northern climes seem to have a good old time just piling animals upon themselves; a bear fur hat here, a dead big cat there, a huge purse thing made of cow, and yards and yards of sheep. The fur all seemed very faux, which I suppose is good, but it really does make it all that much more ridiculous. I’m sorry, but I don’t care if the soldier is carrying a rifle–if he’s wearing a plushy, he just doesn’t instill all that much confidence.

We couldn’t be bothered to properly pay to get into Holyrood Palace as we just needed the toilets, nor could I be bothered to take proper pictures. This was noteworthy though–the Queen’s loo (well..what is allocated to us plebs anyway). It pongs, ya’ll. I’m seriously considering writing her a letter. Something along the lines of, ‘Dear HRM, The john reeks. Pawn one of those jewels and buy some Toilet Duck. Kind regards, a concerned loo patron.’

This would be near Parliament. ‘But..the blue..’ you protest. I know, I know, that’s why it merited a photo. That, and I was having fun creeping out Yoga Guy.

This is a fairly typical sunshine activity for me. S took a bunch of the kids up the huge hill and was fantastically energetic about it. I had said, ‘screw that,’ or something similar. I had a hat and it was probably one of three days in a year when the grass here is dry enough to sit on without staining your clothes green, so I almost felt a duty to lay down and do nowt.


May 9, 2008

On the way home from the house last week we played in the village park and stopped at Piilars of Hercules organic farm shop.

This excellent park comes with a bonus drowning hazard :D. James likes to show off the waterproofing on his boots. Or something. This will be an interesting place to hang out, actually. Just a quick look and Jamie found some really nifty antique bits of pottery that had been worn smooth. Could make some interesting pendants or mosaics or something.

Pillars has one excellent kid feature–just a pit marked out for digging. James likes it too, as you can see.

Nyssa was tickled to find out that running up and down the fence would result in the chickens running up and down with her.

This would be my new hair color, done professionally. It doesn’t show the highlights really, they turned out fairly blondish, ack. I’m about to turn 30, so naturally I keep scanning my face for signs of eld. So far I just seem more round. Not sure what I think about that :P.

This weekend is going to be mad. James is leaving Sunday for Birmingham and he’s not getting back until the evening of the 15th. That’s right, and we’re leaving for the States the next morning. I’m not impressed. Why his company thinks it’s wise or kind to schedule him away up until the exact day he requested off is just beyond me. They need women doing the scheduling, seriously. Women with kids and animals and lives outside work. Sheesh..


April 27, 2008

Or I think that’s the word anyway. I made the mistake of looking confused whilst on the High Street yesterday during the Continental Market and a little foreign man accosted me. He was hard to understand (I have a nasty cold, hence the confusion in the first place), but I heard the words ‘monk’, ‘good works’, ‘spare change’, etc. so dug out a couple quid for him. Then he asked me to say the above word, which apparently means ‘be happy’, in sanscrit I assume. He handed me a nice little Krishna prayer book, and suddenly I felt like a cheap b*st*rd.

The book is called, Teachings of Queen Kunti. Let’s open ‘er up and glean some wisdom..chapter three is entitled, “The Most Intelligent Woman,” that sounds promising…or perhaps not: “Kuntidevi humbly submits, ‘…But what are we? We are simply women. We are in a lower class. How can we understand you?’ Although she understands everything, she still takes the position of an ordinary woman and says, ‘How can I understand you?’ This is humility.” Right, so throughout history and continuing today, women keep mum about their insights. Whether due to self-repression or being repressed by others, the world doesn’t benefit from their wisdom. And we still bemoan the fact that our technological advances continually outstrip our social progress. Annnyway, moving on, lest I go on a feme-rant..the rest of the book is about the general awesomeness of Krishna, which I really have no opinion on. There were some nice color prints in the middle with him being a naughty child, which is nifty I suppose.

This week was very exciting. James and I got our first *new* major pieces of furniture, and we did really need them–a sofa and a bed. Our old sofa was from a charity shop, was totally torn and horrid, and had no support, which is bad because I frequently sleep out on the couch. What, I’m odd. The new sofa is massive and more than long enough for me to lay on. It’s corduroy because I thought that would be nice and substantial without being something the cats would want to use as a scratching post. Our bed was not even a full double size, and was also from a charity shop. It wasn’t until it was delivered that I realized that it was practically dripping human funk, and I had to completely wrap it in impermeable material to tolerate it. Our new bed is king-sized, which in America is actually Queen, but still! It can hold two people and a cat or two. I suppose it’s slightly less exciting that they’re Ikea items, but I refuse to pay normal retail. Peectures:

Some more photos, just because…

Nyssa at Ikea, doing her thing.

Nyssa in the streets, doing her thing…

Mommy, having wrangled a Nyssa to steal her warmth.

Last week my twitter told you that there was a feris wheel behind my house–here is the proof.

I also told you on my twitter that I was in love with the man who freely gaveth the baklava. Here he is, giving it away on the streets. *straightface* Seriously though, I managed to make it through four days of continental market without buying any of that hiney-enhancer of the debbil. I do love it so.

I took the fabric off one of the old couch cushions, which they liked to scratch, and put it on a nasty old woven stool, which they liked to scratch. I thought this would make the perfect scratching toy, and I think I can be forgiven for thinking so. I even sprayed it with catnip. Mitu loved it up big time, must be the source of his unearthly glow, but a claw has yet to penetrate the thing. *sigh*

Nyssa did a most amazing thing this morning. I was asleep on the couch and having a terrifying dream about Joseph being most likely killed, having fallen off the side of a building. Just as I was about to uncover a silver cloth that confirmed my fears and completely lose it, I felt something gentle on my back and slowly drifted awake to find Nyssa sitting behind me petting my back. She does mind-bendingly emotionally intuitive things like sometimes. Lovely creature 🙂

Such a week (or three)!

September 29, 2007

Some recent photos:

People who live and shop on our street may be lucky enough to see these cute, happy little things popping out their front door.

We tried this photo about a dozen times before we managed to get all three people in the frame.

Dalkeith Country Park was amazing. It was the anti-Health and Safety. Wobbly sky walks, unfinished splintery wood, 2-story high slides..ahhh, that was a *proper* play park. And it was set in the trees!

Two lovely little maidens in the trees.

I love this photo.

I also love highland cows.

At the country park, this massive bridge was apparently a wedding gift. Is concrete not traditionally the 15th anniversary gift? 😉

This is Nyssa when I was trying to capture her Aunt Mo face on camera. Pretty good actually, hehe.

We went to an animal-themed birthday party. Nyssa was adamant that she didn’t want to dress up, but she did do an interpretation of a parrot with her normal wardrobe.

Joseph’s concession to themed dress was a dinosaur shirt.

I found this poor little child in the luggage rack and decided to keep him.

When our kind friend gives us a ride to events in the Edinburgh area, this invariably is the place we go to escape rush-hour traffic.

One big event of the week–Nyssa turned 8! This, of course, Joseph will be bemoaning until he turns nine. This incidentally is Grandma R burning herself.

It never fails to be the case that each holiday there is one small and seemly insubstantial present that the kids go head over heels for. The squeal-inducing gift this year was a Hello Kitty pez dispenser.

The other news of the week is that my son is famous! He was in no less than two papers, The Scotman and The Herald. I thought Nyssa would play to the camera, but apparently Joseph has more of an inner model. Whoulda thunk?? The other child is one of our little home ed friends. The shoot was for Historic Scotland and was done at Edinburgh Castle. Cool beans, eh?

Barns are Good

September 15, 2007

I knocked out a new layout this evening, nifty isn’t it? Well, it’s not quite so depressing as the half-dead tulips anyway. I’ve sort of had the fields back home on my mind. So.

For those interested parties, Joseph’s head is getting better. He’s still got the lump, but it’s softer and he doesn’t complain of pain anymore. He’s dutifully taking his medicine three times a day, which impresses me. We’ve had him off his brown controller inhaler for a week or so and after we were out in the woods yesterday he was a bit wheezy. That little experiment was good then; I’ll get his prescription refilled and keep him on it over the winter at least.

Speaking of playing in the woods, I did take pictures and I shall indeed post them. It was the best play park I’ve seen in the country. I’ll probably put off doing it until the kids are gone with their grandparents. It’s super that they get to go, but I do like to pile a lot of projects up for me to do (or ignore) to take my mind off the two missing appendages.

Pictures, at long last

August 31, 2007

I’ll just launch right into it..

click here for semi-recent pictures, plus bonus photo tour of culinary offerings of the local supermarket

holy hell

December 13, 2006

A comment of mine was posted on a bbcnews article – linky. Too bad it isn’t something a tad more insightful :P.

Haven’t posted in quite a while. The UK is christmas party mad. The kids have been invited to so very many, and just to make sure the holidays are replete with stress, we’re hosting one next Wednesday. This weekend is the homeschooler retreat, and next Thursday we’re going to Oxford. James gets back from Canada on Friday, just before we are to get on the train for the retreat. He had a work assignment in Newfoundland of all places for a couple of weeks.

Nyssa has been having bizarre health problems. I hope they resolve by the end of the week, because her fuse is incredibly short and is prone to the kind of freakouts we haven’t seen since ’03.

I’ve got cards and presents for everyone in the States sent, I think, which makes me quite proud obviously. We all have to have goals, you see.

Anyway, it’s late.

Interesting day

November 10, 2006

Today we had the first hall meet in Edinburgh, with the scheduled activity being puppet-making. Nyssa made one fairly quickly by putting a sock on her hands and blopping on two eyes on with a magic marker. I encouraged her to try a bit harder and we made a sort of bride, according to her. She was going to make another bride so they could get married, but she got bored and wanted to go play a rough soccer game with the boys. She was in a lacy little dress with two pig-tails and would alternate between aggressively going after the ball and doing cheerleader dance moves. It was very cute, must say. Joseph turned down puppetry altogether in favor of playing pool, oi. We didn’t manage to make it to gymnastics this evening either because of a minor health crisis. Mum K and I decided that finding someplace warm to have tea and do some watchful waiting would be in order, and it happened that the most convenient place to do so was the Ikea. This was not contrived, I swear! That said, since we were there anyway…and it was my first Ikea visit after all. K was good enough to let me wander around, fulfilling my need for storage solutions. We even managed to come up with a project for our little art group. Traffic home wasn’t abominable and, I’m assuming, the health crisis blew over, so really not a bad day at all.

I am really happy

November 4, 2006

I found a big bag of Reeses Pieces at the back of the cupboard. Mines.

So..had a wierd night of nausea and confused state of mind. Did some shopping today, and it was totally mad. Every place was packed and I’m sure the new Debenhams was breaking fire code. I went out with just Nyssa as we were picking up a couple pressies for Joseph. I really like going places with the kids singly. We bought her some nice hand cream because she’s started getting her insane winter chapped hands already. Fireworks are exploding all around in preparation for Guy Fawkes. I get the feeling that laws are a lot more lenient regarding the fireworks that can actually become airborne..

Joseph has interesting skills. In the department store yesterday he found precisely the right bra for me amongst the dozens of styles–‘it’s pink, it’s got a lacy back, and it’s padded.’ He’s very sweet too. We had a homeschooling outing and Nyssa was complaining about some playpark drama (I think I’ve mentioned before that she frequently finds herself the sub to the other girls’ doms). Joseph said, ‘Now Nyssa, if people are bothering you, you just come to me and I’ll sort it out because I’m a tough boy.’ Then he pauses from putting his shoes on, looks at me and asks, ‘Lannita, can you tie my shoe please?’ Hehe.

It’s been a busy week and we didn’t even make it to everything we were supposed to. Highlights include our first trip to Dundee and a (free!) film. The next day we went to St. Andrews for homeschooling friend A’s birthday. She wanted a tea party, and it was very sweet. Nyssa proved to be a bit too adept at party games and I learned, sorta, the trick of manning the music at Pass the Parcel. That is, stop the music such that there are maximum kids getting turns to unwrap and minimal whining. We went to the park for a time and the kids had a great time while we grownups moaned about the cold. It’s suddenly become very cold here. Last night I found some chunky yarn and knitted myself up a gaiter/scarf/hat thingie.

We got the chimney swept and tried out the fire last night. Today I bought a little rug to put in front of the hearth. I’m going to experiment with scenty things to put in the fire. I’m going to start baking spicy pies and things and once we can find some aromatic tree cuttings to put about the house, things will be nicely winter-fied. Ahh…