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Meet Classroom Assistant Mittens

October 27, 2008

The economic downturn has meant some tough choices. The parents’ minds are obviously too bogged down crunching budget numbers so the kids needed a math tutor. This is what we could afford:

He’s a thoroughgoing professional.

“Let’s have a look here at your sums..”

“You’re doing it wrong. I don’t see why you think it’s so funny.”

“Your numbers look appalling. Borrow my straightedge.”

“What. Did you or did you not hire me to be the ass-istant??”


*horror movie scream*

October 23, 2008

Something I’ve never quite gotten over is the whole household cleanliness honesty thing, particularly where in-laws are concerned. I always envisioned myself becoming, certainly by my late 20s, someone who would have the household rhythm down and everyone more or less clean all the time. It eludes me still, but rather than just accept it, I have quasi-panic attacks just before visitors come. OK, admittedly not all visitors, and this all depends on how well I’m feeling (which affects my ‘give-a-sh*t’ levels to a high degree), but generally I try to nurture the fantasy that I’m not a complete slob. So in the interest of evolving honesty, I post the following–the photo of my laundry closet after I gutted the house of all the dirty laundry I’d managed to pretend didn’t exist..


It seems though that I might have a good out for being a bit immature about the housework. A neighbor came from across the street the other day to introduce herself. She greeted me, sort of looked me up and down, and asked, very nicely I should add, if my mom was home. Good god. I sort of feebly replied that I was indeed the lady of the house, tada. Granted, it probably didn’t help that I was wearing camo pants, pig tails, and bright lipstick, but come on. I’m 30 years old.

Certainly old enough to vote–which I did!

I find it fairly charming that they must assume that everyone, from the sorority girl to the old farmer, is going to be keen on getting a sticker. I put that in the mail the other day, so I see no reason why it shouldn’t get home in time. I’m a good citizen, w00t.

Speaking of good citizens, here’s a very good little world citizen, learning about her planet. She loooooves her geography. She cuddles her geography. I suppose that’s one benefit of homeschooling–you can engage with your material in any number of strange ways and there are only a few people who will give you wierd looks for it.

Another demonstration of good citizenship–here are the kids walking back from doing the recycling. I like the ‘No Golf’ sign just on the other side of our wall.

Being a good citizen also involves reusing. What the hell am I doing to this guitar with knitting needles, you ask? This is yet another example of my awesome McGyvering skills. I was reading about lap steel guitars, and decided I need to play around with one. The only reasonable course of action at that point was to take this crappy £5 guitar we got at a knick-knack shop, put a wooden needle under the strings to raise them, tune it, then use an aluminum addi knitting needle as the bar. Do you know what, it worked just fine. The guitar being incapable of holding its tune for more than 2 minutes is what did it in, not my elite instrument building skills. Hehe.

To be a good citizen, one must also support small business. To that end, I just bought some more knitting needles. These are beastly *15mm* addi circulars. Yeah, woah. You know, they’d make mighty fine steel guitar bars…

As a responsible citizen, I also support the arts. Would you take a look at this?

This is a typical example of James’ doodling. That’s right–his doooodling. I finally convinced him to stop doing them on envelopes and I ordered him some proper paper. I don’t think I’m merely husband-proud in saying that he is quite talented. He has an extraordinary sense for forms and lines, and he’s doing all of these with a set of Sharpies. He refuses to let me buy him proper artist markers, and I think that’s a pity. Could be that I use the holidays as an excuse to get around the ban.. In any case, I’ve told him that what I want for Christmas is a huge one in a frame.

Having gotten some sleep..

October 15, 2008

..morning deliveries notwithstanding..Ugh. Here are pictures from Nyssa’s birthday!

Nyssa grinning in anticipation of trying her bike.

James is good at this. 🙂

I swear, they did manage to be upright at times.

Victory strut.


Birthday lunch–PBJ on white and mac and cheese!

Looks cute enough, but it was a Tesco cake. British supermarket cakes are dry as sawdust. I’ve done this a few times. Even M&S is sub-par. It’s not even like I expect the fantastic shortening-laden creations from back home. After a few years of break from making those insane theme cakes it seems I’ll have to get back in the kitchen, so to speak.

Birthday battle. Battle is a recurring theme in my house 😛

It appears I didn’t really take many photos of her birthday. In a way that’s a good thing–it means things were low key. We’ve all been after that lately.

A few other things..

Harvesting potatoes at the farm yesterday. Kids did good, even with the midgies biting. I’m so itchy today! On the recommendation of Kosmick, Skin So Soft is in the mail!

Tubby cat a tub.

James wasn’t home last night, so I made a classic–tuna casserole. Nyssa was less than impressed. Joseph it ate it all up. I ate the cheesy topping :P.

Mittens posing with my new yarn. I ordered some Christmas crafty presents for Nyssa and Mirasol’s (fair trade!) baby alpaca yarn was deeply discounted. I couldn’t resist, as Grandma R had indicated that it was that sort of fibre that made James’ scarf she made so lovely. I have just a skein of each, so they will probably end up as fingerless mittens or something.** it turns out, Miski is baby llama. How funny that I didn’t notice *boggle*

Poor Nyssa. I think she’s getting sick. The other day she finally decided what to get with her Amazon money (thank you Grandma MK!) and it came today, but she can’t dredge up the energy to be excited and complains of feeling depressed. A combination of missing James and not feeling well, I think. I’ve got a killer headache myself. Why am I sitting at the computer then? The sunshine is warming this spot, and I’ve got a sunsoaked kitty next to me.

Update your bookmarks..

April 21, 2008

..actually, you don’t really have to. If you go to, you’ll see why. At the moment, I’ve just got my livejournal embedded into it, with no bonus spiffy content. But the domain’s mine, and I can dump files into it. *shrug*

And now some random photos..

This is Nyssa with her new fashion designing set. Joseph has made some gorgeous things with it too–I’ve told him I wished I had a prom to go to now that he’s around :). Nyssa refuses my suggestion that she starts using colored pencils rather than markers, as she’ll have so much more flexibility. She replied that that was completely unnecessary as she has every color in marker she would ever want. Well, fair enough I guess?

This is me being very creepy. I have no idea who this cute little girl is, but Joseph pointed her out, saying, ‘Awwwww, look! That little girl is getting her hair done, and there’s another girl on the other side of the room getting *her* hair done! I think they’re twins! Aren’t they cuuute?’ I love that Joseph has a strong sense of squee. I wish I was talented enough to have gotten them both in the picture using mirror reflections, but ah well. At the point I got this photo, it was getting hard to pretend I was just checking my messages ;).

This crappy picture is our Animal Crossing family. The kids really love it, and I find them cuddled up playing their little people together. I like to play just long enough to write them a letter or see how they’ve furnished the house, etc.

This is our kitten. He’s looking quite grand isn’t he? And very well-behaved, for once. Silly little cat. <3<3<3

It’s 1995 all over again..

January 16, 2008

..but on the wrong side of the road.

So, as life is one long ladder that one must ascend in a prescribed way for one to make any progress, the current ‘rung’ I am grappling with is that of becoming a British driver. I’ve put this off for any number of reasons. For one, I left the States a nervous driver, due to a high-speed accident that left me unnervingly unscathed. For two, I’m so spaced out, just generally being a mum, that I’m not sure I can cope with remembering to drive on the correct side of the road. For three, well there are just so many buses, and prams, and cars parked every which way, and people wandering into the roads…! For four, well, there are those roundabouts. Everyone here seems to be nervous of motorways. I’m don’t really understand that, as I’m a huge fan of divided highways. It’s that dosey-doeing round in cramped circles that makes me nervous. The worst though, would have to be the inept signage. Whether it’s the completely unmarked streets of a residential area or the motorway signs giving a driver friend fits, it’s all just rubbish.

So, what might make a person wish to drive in a country with trains and buses? Well, for starters, we are a house of people who get bus sick. Buses are expensive, and likely don’t take you near enough where you want to go without either a circuitous route requiring multiple changes in dodgy locations or just giving up and getting a taxi for the last few miles. Trains are wonderful things, and ideally I would ride them everywhere. It’s that ‘everywhere’ that is of course the problem. The clincher now is that James has no desire to rent another place–he wants to buy. This makes me sick with commitment-related fear, but he’s probably right. And as he’s been working from home and things are getting seriously cramped here, we need to move forward. Forward means our being able to drive so we don’t have to live within half a mile of a train station and pay the associated housing prices. It will also mean we can consider much more rural locales without having to rely on Tesco Delivery for our daily bread. It’s all enough to make me gnaw on my fingernails, so to keep my fingers busy I’ve paid the 7 quid to subscribe to the Driving Standards Agency’s theory test practice site. As all of the possible questions will come into rotation, I’ll be spending my evenings plunking through these while I wait for my provisional license. Once I take my theory test, things get a bit more complicated. I’m unsure at this point if there’s a drivers training company in the area that will allow a person to take the driving test in one of their cars. I’m making it even harder by stubbornly refusing to test on anything other than an automatic. My US readers might boggle at this, but over here automatics are in a dramatic minority and you will not be endorsed to drive manuals unless you pass in a manual. It’s not like all of those yankee teens who took driver’s ed in a chevy automatic, passed the test, then happily tore down the highway in old beat-up pickups. Once upon a time I learned to drive a manual, sorta, but I have no interest in trying to learn British driving and a British clutch simultaneously and on this point I’ve put my foot firmly down. So what I still have to figure out is how to get around having to actually buy myself a car anytime soon. Insurance, car tax, MOTs, and petrol don’t cost nearly what I thought they would, but as we don’t have any motorheads in the immediate family, I refuse to get a car without a warranty. That means a certified used car with low miles. That means quite a lot of money, particularly if we aren’t interested in financing.

Well, back to studying slip roads, pelican crossings, and ‘ford’ signs (worrying..).

Gee, thanks Santa

December 31, 2007

Some recent things..

Our lurvely container-grown fraser fir. Yes, that’s a snowy owl in lieu of an angel. He had since been repositioned to look less in-your-face. At the moment, the tree is sitting bare downstairs, making my entry look rather gorgeous. I’m fond of evergreens, if that wasn’t apparent.

The curtain call of the kids’ performance of The Sacred Stone, a panto-style play that was created by the participants. The kids doing the hand jive to Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ was a surprise ending, must say :).

The gingerbread house party was at our place, and we successfully built them upright. I mean, as opposed to the ground-zero looking creations of the year before.

A fair representation of everyone after xmas dinner.

I might have mentioned that this was the first Christmas in I don’t know how many years that we were at home and I did all the cooking. I thought I managed fairly well. And then last night I was looking at my hair for noticeable roots and found the above–my first grey hair. Nice one, St. Nick, cheers.

A couple weeks ago we went to the local panto, which was actually quite good. A couple noticeable differences between this one and the ones in Oxford though. For starters, I don’t recall herds of boy scouts running amok through the theatre down south. They also made a huge deal of the accent here..a bit over the top I suspect, i.e. I’ve never actually heard anyone in real life say ‘coupon’ instead of face. The best though was this tiny child sitting in front of me in the second row. He must have been about four. In pantos, it’s traditional to boo and hiss when the baddie comes on. The little lad in front of me did not–he just flipped him off. It wasn’t a shy, quick little gesture either; he resolutely held his little middle finger right up the whole time the bad guy was on stage. His sisters giggled at him, and his mum didn’t look in his direction once the entire show. At least I think it was his mum. Equally it could have been a catatonic relation that they took to the panto in order to get her out of the ward for an evening. Could have been both. I mean if those were my kids, catatonia would seem like a good escape mechanism. I really can’t talk though. That particular evening I had not one, but two girls in my care, and I decided not to suppress Nyssa’s audience participation. You’ve heard her scream, yes? The bleached and flat-ironed teenyboppers in front of her spent a good portion of the show with their hands clapped over their ears, and I must admit I didn’t do a thing to diminish their discomfort. Rather enjoyed it actually. I’m not a nice lady anymore. Bua ha.

In news of the fantastical variety, Joseph recently declared that he believed in the tooth fairy, but not in Santa. He’s an empirical sort of lad, and he had been exchanging correspondence with the former but couldn’t remember anything remarkable from the latter. This Christmas, however, Nyssa had made some glittery oats for the reindeer and in the morning they found that the oats were all gone, save for a wee trail leading to the fireplace. This was substantial enough proof to rekindle Joseph’s faith, bless ‘im. It also helped that certain relatives labelled some awesome presents as being from the Jolly One. Of course now they don’t get credit for the gifts..for a few years anyway.

Oh yes, one last piece of wintry news. Nyssa went ice skating for the first time at a birthday party. If you know Nyssa, you can probably guess how that went. She was surly when she got back, had a sore bottom for a week, and declared that to be an activity she would never, ever repeat. Ah well.

Happy Hogmaney, everyone!!

With spouses like James..

September 28, 2007

..who needs enemies? I’m kidding of course, but sometimes he’s not just unhelpful, he strives to be The Anti-Help. Case in point: some days ago Nyssa comes up to ask what antioxidants are. I sputter for a minute with words like ‘free radicals’ and ‘oxidation’ whilst speed-googling for a kid-friendly response. James jovially takes over at this point. He shows Nyssa this picture:

He explains that antioxidants are something one takes to get the oxen out of ones body. (Nyssa, by the way, was savvy enough to know after a few nanoseconds that Dad was feeding her a load.) He points to this fellow in the cart:

He tells Nyssa to note how not only had this man expelled his inner oxen, but had made them into a useful resource. At that point I believe I wryly asked something about whether or not James had been taking his antioxidants, since he seemed to be so very full of bull****. He *then* tangents over to a map of Oxford (see here), where people had, apparently, historically always been good about ridding their heads of oxen, so much so that the town was named after their need to ford them across the river. I pointed out that that was perhaps telling, given the academic lot that gravitate towards the place. He was quick to agree, and I think the lesson ended on some grandly positive note along the lines of getting proper nutrition being the smart way to live.

Hehe, seriously, I wonder sometimes, with all the teasing the kids get from both of us, if all they’re really getting from their home education is the ability to tell whoppers with a straight face.

Hmm. Anyway, the kids are gone now with the grandparents (*sniffs sadly*), but they’re having a brilliant time. They called me a couple days ago (aw), and the first thing Nyssa said is that she was so glad to hear my sweet voice (AW!). The older we all get, the more I’m convinced that they took not just my brains and looks (if I ever had any to begin with) but also any sweet-temperedness. I’m a right hornet these days, but I seem to remember being such a nice and unassuming little girl..

For those concerned with Joseph’s wierd head happenings, I think the bumps resolved themselves. Joseph was *brilliant* and took every one of his doses, every day, three times, without having to be told, even though the taste was apparently appalling. If we did star charts, he’d get a huge one.

Nyssa has developed an itch to learn about the Tudors, in particular Henry VIII (why???). I’ve got books coming, but any ideas for creative projects would be most welcome.

I think Joseph has reached a new place in his cognitive development, in that when I explained what ‘metaphorically’ means, he could conceptualize it. One of the more interesting things about parenting is observing abstract thinking slowly awaken. One of the more humorous is when Joseph picks up a new phrase like, ‘That was *insert adjective phrase with multiple meanings of choice*–literally *and* metaphorically!’ followed by Joseph-style absurdist laughter. Ahhhhh I love my kids. 🙂

Speaking of children robbing me of brain cells, we went to Ikea and I couldn’t resist raiding the candy section. One of the bags has these fabulous fruity little fishes. ‘Wow,’ I’m thinking, ‘these taste just like Swedish Fish!!’ There’s an audible groan as my brain grinds to a start… ‘Oh yeah! Ikea! Swedish!’ *headdesk*

It’s alright though, since my position in life doesn’t necessitate much brain activity apparently. I would have been dejectedly washing dishes one night, and Nyssa comes in. She sees my plight, touches my arm gently, and says, ‘Mum, I’m so sorry you are the scullery maid.’

Someday soon I’m going to need to start driving. Things happen sometimes to put me right off it though, at least where other drivers are concerned. Joseph and I were walking home from scouts one evening, and come to a zebra crossing (non uk people: that’s a place that is super well-marked, lit up, drivers are obliged to stop, etc.). We stop because this jackass is actually speeding up to the stop from about 100 yards away. They screech around the corner, and as though that weren’t enough, the passenger leans out the window and barks at us. That’s right, like a dog. At a mother and a small boy. W. T. F. I’ve about had it with living downtown.

Couple things to note:

The holidays are coming up, and there has been some confusion as to customs on this side of the pond. For items marked as gift, a stated value of £36 or more could end up with me having to pay customs, VAT, etc. I’m sure you can read between the lines. For my part, I’ll keep that in mind when sending stuff home. Actually, I’ve had a bit of luck with because they take our uk bank card, so I might just stick with them again this year and avoid that nonsense altogether. Also note that if I seem like I’m spending lots of money on gifts in the US, I’m really not. The dollar is just so weak that my money goes twice as far. If I move back home, don’t be surprised if I’m suddenly really cheap, hehe. Seriously though, I do hope if anyone ever has a negative experience with getting mail from over here or a company I’ve chosen that they’d say so.

I updated my knitting blog with various things, including my awesome (*guffaw*) homemade spinning wheel. That is linked at the side I believe, but here it is anyway: fibre, fibre everywhere

Happy Joseph

September 8, 2007

Joseph is happily watching reruns of Doctor Who as I type this. We’re both very happy because he had his first scouts meeting on Wednesday, and he had a grand time. He played floor hockey, learned to make trail markets, and even met fellow Whovians. I’m so glad he got on well. He had been very iffy about going recently, but we felt he needed some time around non-family members, being boisterous with other kids. Poor Nyssa is still waiting for information about scouts for her, and is quite envious of her brother. I’m not too sympathetic though, since she had dance last year which gave her more activity time that Joseph. Speaking of dance, they finally sent out the syllabus the other day. Classes would start next week! This gave me no time to try and mesh it into our schedule, and I don’t think it’s going to work. I don’t think she’s too bothered though, since there will be movement elements in her theatre group and the dance classes are very exam-focused. She *hates* exams, and other similar forms of pressure. Just doing timed tests for times tables about freaked her out. We had to start doing them orally.

So, I’m putting together my first quilt. Well, technically that’s not true. Years ago I started piecing together a folk quilt christmas hanging thing. I got as far as appliqueing stuff on it, but it’s still got no backing. Also, the pieces didn’t have to match up in any appreciable way, so I don’t think it really counts. The one I’m doing is a simple rail fence pattern. *And* the only thing I bought to work on it was a rotary cutter. My mom had sent the fabric ages ago, some lovely batiks, and I even filched the cutting mat from something else I already had. That said, when I have some money I will want a proper big one and one of those cool see through cutting guide whatsits. Anyway, something else to photograph at some point..

Various updates

May 16, 2007

Hello, I’m sure everyone’s given up on regularly checking here as I never update, but the weather is improving and so seems to be my vitual chattiness. I did check the digital photo folders, but it seems that neither James nor I have been doing much in the way of visually documenting our lives. Shall have to remedy that.

So. The weather is pretty on and off, though the on days are almost warm, which is nice. I have a weather icon for Moscow, ID as well on my desktop which shows it to be 76 right now, about perfect. Sods.

The kids are developing their own styles of learning things, it would seem. Joseph has an interesting bias against spelling, which I can’t even manage to budge giving him the example of his writing dr who comics requiring basic spelling skills. Nyssa confuses me–she has to be reminded how to approach subtraction word problems but can mentally add fractions with differing denominators. She also needs a lot of positive energy from me or she’s likely to get down on herself and go into hopeless mode. That’s fine, but I can see why she was having trouble in a classroom.

Nyssa has a dance exam coming up, and she’s getting quite anxious about it. She had a bad rehearsal this week and wanted to quit, but I don’t think I’ll let her at this point. She doesn’t have to do an exam, but I think the kids need to experience perseverence paying off. Particularly if they feel that not going to school anymore was an escape from something they found unpleasant. They don’t tend to remember anything nice about it, so, rather perversely, I find myself recalling good things that happened. This will kick me in the ass of course when they start pining for the classroom.. Anyway, it’s hard to know when to press things and when to let the kids self-determine. To James and me, the ‘three r’s’ are non-negotiable. Could be because I’m a writer (well..) and thus see being able to communicate with words as a vital part of living, and a person needs to be able to do their taxes. There are essential skills, right? But then what other things do I get to push? Music, since my personal sense of aesthetics demands it? Social science, since I think humans benefit from studying themselves? The list goes on and on. It’s said that the home-ed parent’s job is to expose and facilitate, but it’s often not that easy. I also have to remember that the vast majority of my academic interests were not pursued meaningfully until university, and that as a kid the things that served me were, yes, the three r’s and the pleasure I got out of my own chosen hobbies. So maybe I should mellow out and let Nyssa draw her fairy people and Joseph act out his Doctor Who fantasies while they’ve still got the leisure and active imaginations to do so.

Lessee..oh, for those who might have been concerned Mitten’s tummy issues seem to have resolved themselves. With the help of hella expensive catfood.

I found a splendid new online diversion– I shan’t tell you which commenter I am in order to retain some dignity. It’s good to go a little ‘squee’ now and again.

Oh oh, I succeeded in sticking it to the manufacturers of expensive spinning wheels and made one myself. I mean, seriously, it’s ancient technology. If I couldn’t put one together with some crap I found at the DIY, then what good were all those years I spent in the jr. high shop room? It even works fairly well, though I need to find a properly-sized long bolt. The DIYs here are rubbish. I need those excellent places I went to the in the States, the ones with the huge tubs full of nails, screws, bolts, etc. etc. for aisles and aisles that you could happily stuff into little paper bags. It’s like pick-a-mix lego for grownups! Well, certain kinds of grownups. I might be a little odd..

Joseph was relating to me today what he and Nyssa read in Matilda. He said that she had read the entire children’s library collection at the age of 4. I asked him if he thought that was likely. He mentally calculates for a moment, considering the fact that she had several months, and concluded that it was indeed ‘definitely plausible.’ He’s been watching too much Mythbusters. 😉

Last week we finally made it out to Craigencalt Ecology Centre, though the weather was so miserable that the kids whinged more than they learned. It would have been so fantastic had the weather been good, the people there really had their stuff down. Joseph injured his leg a bit, and Nyssa took her coat off in the rain, soaking her t-shirt *and* her coat, apparently having forgot that we had a wee journey home.

Tomorrow the kids are having friends over to watch Jump In on the Disney Channel, the latest teenybopper movie. When I was 7 was I so interested in what teenagers did that I would actively seek out shows and movies about them? I think back then a teenager was someone who babysat you, and if you were lucky managed to be somewhat interested in what you were doing. I blame all this on Bratz (even though we’ve never had them) and whoever coined the term ‘bling’ (though, now that I think about it, I’ve never actually heard the kids say it). I dunno. I fantasize about giving the kids a proper ‘traditional’ childhood, with Nyssa in pinafores (to muddy up) and Joseph having a tree (to get stuck in) and no media influence at all, just family-friendly radio stories read in a lulling voice in the evenings in front of a fire. Maybe a bit hokey, but only as much as my current situation is not. Hard to avoid consumer trends when you live just off the high street. Hard to savor a peaceful evening with drunken wierdos shouting outside. Don’t even get me started about the yard, or I’ll pitch headlong into a rant that starts ‘back when I was a kid in Idaho…’ Ah, but I whine. We have cats! I didn’t used to. Life, therefore, has improved!

Well, no eye candy, but I do believe I’ve written enough for one entry.

Ohhhhh goodness.

January 27, 2007

Many things have been going on; good, bad, and irritating.

So the neighbor needs to get into the attic to shut off the water, because the ass-hats who split the building up were cheap and didn’t give everyone their own whatsits. I go down and chat with the neighboress and IT WOULD SEEM, having been mentioned in passing, THAT THERE IS LEAD IN OUR WATER. How lovely, that we give money to charities to help sort out the water for people in other countries, whilst our own hasn’t managed it yet. Even more lovely, how our landlord hasn’t deigned to enlighten us of the fact. For a year and a half. First thing Monday, it’s me with a water sample down to Environmental Services, and James on the phone to the letting agent. One potential good of all this–perhaps now I have a tangible excuse for my brain-deadedness. Argh.

James is happy these days–he got a raise, won an xbox 360 at work for a project of his, and got a big flat-screen tv on his new year’s tech budget. I uh..hmm. I’m expecting at least a card this Valentine’s Day :P. Actually, James is going to get me a new PC that can hook up to the tv. The kids will be able to play pc-rom games like never before. Wowww.

Homeschooling is going fine, though there’s the occasional hiccup due to ill-health, my insomnia, and the crap weather that makes the idea of outings unappealing. I’ve come up with the most pleasant way of getting up in the morning of my parenthood so far–every morning the kids come jump in bed with me with their math workbooks. I can sort of hazily answer their questions as I come to full (well, as full as it gets) consciousness. Nyssa is loving her flamenco (stomps) and highland dance (jumps). Joseph is loving getting to learn awesome skills in gymnastics.

Of personal note, I’ve put things on ebay for sale. Yesss. So that’s not a big deal, but it’s fun for a dork like me to will people to buy my crap. Ebay rules–it’s like a yard sale without the loss of dignity. Hehe.

Best news perhaps, we’re finally going to catch up with Battlestar Gallactica–and on a big screen, I’m almost not annoyed that it took this long!