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Hello world!

March 2, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


Many myriad semi-related things

March 2, 2009

It’s been a while since I properly posted. While I’m not entirely sure what constitutes a ‘proper post’, I’m fairly certain it involves pictures of the kids. There shall be a few of those here today.

Speaking of posting, I’m quite proud that I’ve managed to make at least one daily post on my politics/education blog since its inception a whole week ago. Woww. If you have the urge to hear me rant about stuff, please feel free to visit.

And speaking of blogs, when my livejournal paid subscription runs out, I’m most likely going to migrate this journal to wordpress. If you access this blog by viewing, there will be no meaningful change, but if you go to the livejournal address, watch this space.

I read a terrific book that I must promote. I’m sure most Americans will have seen the movie A Christmas Story, or at least the words ‘Red Ryder BB Gun’ will be familiar ones. I bought the book In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash, upon which the movie is based, a couple months ago and enjoyed it immensely. It’s particularly readable for busy people (or people like me who have a hard time snatching more than 5 minutes alone to read) as he relates his childhood in depression-era Indiana in short stories. His sardonic, overblown writing style gives me joy–indeed he could be the first writer of hyper-realism, and certainly is much more enjoyable than the sometimes gratingly self-obsessed writing of Dave Eggers and the like.

Choir started back up again in February and Joseph has decided to join as well rather than continue learning piano with me. I try not to think about what that implies about my teaching..

The rumours circulating are true–we have been considering moving south and have now more or less made up our minds. Of course we have no idea when this might take place, but this is the area we are considering:

We want to be between Oxford and London and close to the home ed resources in Berkshire (Bahk-shuh, to my American readers..’berk’ is an insult apparently. :P). The proximity to multiple Unitarian churches is icing, for sure.

So, on to some pictures..

First and foremost, my littlest seester had her first baby! I hate being so far away, hate hate hate, but I’m trying to keep my head about it. After all, it was my decision to trade Idaho sticks for Scotland sticks. My Aunt Fran posted some pictures online (which is why I assume no one will shoot me for posting a picture here) and I was fine looking at them until I saw the following, at which point I lost it:

That’s my daddy, you see. *sniff*

We’ve had some random adventures recently. Here we are stopped in front of the Forth Rail Bridge works:

Muster point? Hehehehe. Only in Britain. Almost as good as the ‘changed priorities ahead’ signs.

That’s 378 days without a *reportable* accident.

We went to Deep Sea World, and I took many pictures of fish, all of which were sh*t. This shot of an artist’s rendition of the Firth of Forth by the bridges sans water is pretty nifty though, I thought.

James should be jealous.

The arguments that home educators can’t be properly socialized don’t hold any water. That said, being sadistic, I do think there are some experiences that some children should have. For example, having to endure circle games.

It all worked out for them though, as they got to bake treats afterward. Nyssa heartily approves.

And Joseph got to interrogate grownups about stuff. This, incidentally was a Woodcraft Folk meeting (scouts minus the swearing allegiance to God and The Queen), and in all seriousness, thanks to the parents who organized it.

I think I was right to be concerned about the influence of certain peers, however. My boy a Stick Child?! Oh HELL no!

Our evening’s entertainment was a bit strange. We decided that seeing a 3D showing of Bolt would fray the nerves of a certain boy child beyond what he could stand, so instead we loitered in the lobby, eating popcorn and playing air hockey. We were coolness.

I suppose that’s it, actually. I’d take pictures of all my bulbs coming up, but my inability to take decent pictures has demoralized me somewhat. Maybe I’ll take a picture of dinner tonight–noteworthy because it’s the first pot roast I’ve made in, erm..certainly many, many years.