Aw bless..

Our online pet store has a whole page of products dedicated to calming stressed out pets on Bonfire Night.

Speaking of Bonfire Night, we shall be leaving our pets in the relative calm of our rural location and going to see the Edinburgh fireworks at the zoo. The place is built on a hill, and as such is a good alternative to braving arena hell. Apparently Bonfire Night will be sans bonfire, but fair enough for us, having an asthmatic in our midst.

I’ve been cleaning my office/dining/craft room which has resulted in my consolidating a big pile of books I’ve been meaning to read. So far I’ve found:

-Omnivore’s Dilemma
-Two Caravans
-Chomsky’s Failed States
-Nella Last’s War
-The Age of Consent
-The Consolations of Philosophy (de Botton)
-Consolation of Philosophy (Boethius)
-The Darkness that Comes Before
-Zinn’s People’s History
-1000 Splendid Suns
-Pedagogy of the Oppressed
-Diary of Frida Kahlo
-Proust’s Memory of Things Past
-Nickel and Dimed
-The Old Man and the Sea

So that’s not a huge list, but it’s enough to give me, er, autodidactical guilt. In the back of my mind there’s an itchy voice reminding me that I can’t grow my intellect on Wikipedia and BBC News alone (much as I might wish it) but even with my kids being older and mellow, I don’t do a lot of sitting in environments conducive to reading. The only time I do crack a book is when I’ve gone up to bed, and then it’s a mild and familiar fantasy series to redirect my thoughts from anxious ones as I try to nod off. I don’t think that would be the time for Zinn or Freire, to say the least! Ah well. Someday I’ll get to it, and Nyss and Jos will boggle when their kids extol their granny’s profound erudition. Hehe.


One Response to “Aw bless..”

  1. rasjane Says:

    Aack the books. I’ve stopped even collecting them. Isn’t that sad? Although I do check out books now and then from the library. The only time I get to read them is when I have a really young one who is nursing/bottling and needs to just sit and cuddle while eating.
    For the rest, I keep magazines at the table and read snippets.
    My former me is really making rude derogatory comments behind my current me’s back! How could she be so out of touch with current events! Humpf!
    I like the idea of making the goal to be a well-informed granny. That’s great!

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