Sale at Purlescence..

I’ve had some very pretty Rowan yarn sitting around that I got at a huge discount (as it’s discontinued, meh) and the weather getting cool has reminded me that perhaps something made out of it would be very nice.

I found the pattern Alpine in the Rowan 42 magazine, and was contemplating having to buy the thing (they always cost £11 or so) when I came across a link to the pattern for free on Ravelry! If you make it up, note that the last stitch on row 37 should be K1, not K2.

I’ve made up one of the triangles. I think the yarn works rather well, though to get what I’ve worked out the measurements to be, I knitted 4 fewer rows. Shall see how it ends up fitting.

After doing one section on straight needles, my wrists were dying. A combination of too much typing, gardening, and such is just too much for the puny things, and the only 10mm circular needles I have are 1. much too short and 2. MIA. The UK lux knitting webshop Purlescence happened to have a sale on needles, so I picked up a few sets..

Some indian rosewood Colonials, 10mm

Coconut palm Lantern Moons, 12mm.

I got some 10mm dpns as well, as I’m always wishing I had some, some bag handles, a couple buttons..

A few other things..

Mitu shares my feelings about the news recently..

Gratuitous paw shot

We’ve tried to make Mittens any number of bespoke beds. This is what he goes for *sigh*

Or this, aw

The couch is also a part-time venue for war-making. *sighsighsigh*

That would be before they rounded up the pillows and all chaos ensued. This would be the real reason I try to keep non-essential items in the living room to a minimum.

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2 Responses to “Sale at Purlescence..”

  1. rasjane Says:

    Ohhh, do post a final picture. That shawl looks lovely. And I have yarn envy. I’m trying so hard to be good and not go buy a bunch of yarn right now. But I have lots, as well as about 4 projects going, and not much time to knit. As well as the whole packing up the house bit.
    I’ll just have to live vicariously. Do you mind?

    • rosgen Says:

      I’m finding that anything larger than a hat that uses smaller than 6mm needles is just biting off way more than I can chew. I’m also trying hard to ignore my distaste for doing crafts when the house is messy. Is my house ever clean? Heck no. I may as well produce some nifty things if I’m going to be a slob either way.

      I found some cheap yarn at cucumber patch, but I still haven’t done anything with that gorgeous stuff I got in the States, so..better not. Since there are yet things to be unpacked, I’ll just pretend that when I find yarn it just came in the mail ;).

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