Hello, my friends

Right, should comment on the last two debates. Tonight’s was, well, boring. McCain should consider using the surplus imagination he has for coming up with phantom Obama policies to come up with some of his own that actually make some sense. The debate quickly became an irritating ‘you said this’, ‘no I didn’t’ match. The most reasonable thing at that point was to come up with a McCain drinking game. I wasn’t drinking, tbh, feeble teetotaller that I am. James was doing fine though, drinking when he heard key words like reform, maverick, ‘reach across the aisle’, Petraeus, and surge. He quickly ran out of beer when we upped the stakes by adding the phrase, ‘my friends.’

The Palin-Biden debate was shocking. I had not seen the infamous Katie Couric interview at that point, and failed to understand the supposed mass exhale of relief of McCain campaigners when she finished without any major gaffes. I was completely boggled–the woman was only impressive in how she managed to sound simultaneously patronizing and ill-informed, all whilst talking by the seat of her pants as she clearly had no intention of staying on topic. I nearly fell in love with Biden for his inhuman patience and measured tone of voice. Doggone it. (Good god, that the word ‘doggone’ should go down in the history of vice-presidential debate transcripts…) Anyway, I was compelled to go look online for that interview and came up with the following:


Granted, it’s a Saturday Night Live spoof, but just watch. About halfway through you’ll see the Palin original.


By the way, I’m a bit concerned that I might have sprained my middle finger, what with all the gesturing at the TV on James’ behalf in response to the repeated claims of America’s superiority in all conceivable arenas of life.



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