Nyssa’s new room, random things

The situation of our house is a bit odd. Our house faces sideways, with a long pie-shaped garden to the front. We look out directly onto the Lomond Hills ahead, and to the right is farmland. At the bottom of the garden is park area with a burn (stream). This is the view when you walk back up the hill a bit and look off to the right.

Looking down at the stream. Our house would be sorta behind that. There’s quite a lot of water at the moment, no doubt from earlier flooding still draining into the Eden.

I did a lot of present wrapping this week. This is Mitu inspecting Nyssa’s birthday present haul from Mum and Dad and Joseph. Dad was so excited for her to have the Lego Hospital (the purple one) that that one’s already been opened, 7 or so days short of her bithday. Sillies.

Apparently I decided that buttons are excellent wrapping accessories. I do love them, I have to admit..

Also wrapped some things to send to the States, because Cody’s had his baby girl, aww. Hers is on the left–I’m not one to stick to baby wrapping paper convention, as you can see. Big brother also needed a present, I decided. Cody also needed a copy of The Twits in Scots. Hilarity!

I’ve discovered the merits of super glue as a lazy-ass alternative to proper measuring and sewing. This is a pencil box I made for Nyssa by glueing fabric onto a microwave popcorn box. Hehe.

Nyssa’s room was basically a box room for the first few months we’ve been in the house. I decided to completely gut it out and decorate it in her chosen style before she came home from her trip with the grandparents. Most cooperatively, Elvis was dressed in Hawaiian garb on the September calendar page.

Another button-fabric-super glue creation. I love the fabric. Nyssa’s already using it, which makes me happy.

If you couldn’t guess the theme already, here’s a big smack of tiki tiki. The Ikea shell light looks sort of insanely lit, not sure why. The butterfly lights are quite nice, actually. I need to stop using my phone’s camera. I was fairly proud of deconstructing the patio parasol and wrestling it back into the required 1/4 of its original size. The floor to ceiling curtains and very, er, bold.

More of that nifty fabric. Bonus hula bear.

This is by her door, so when she comes and goes she can be reminded of what a pretty girl she is. 🙂

This is quite pathetically sad. The blue and yellow smudge of feathers is from a blue tit flying at full tilt into my window this afternoon. I jumped up and saw the little guy in a pile of wings on the grass, shaking his head as though he had those cartoon stars circling above it. I ran outside to hopefully save him from a neighborhood cat-related death, but he had already flown away. Poor stoopy little thing, I can’t imagine the headache he must have.


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