Smitten with Robin

*A* robin, to be more precise.

I’ve been putting bulbs into the ground this week, and made a very charming little friend. This is probably same old to the British, but I was quite taken with how friendly this little guy was. I would dig out some ground, and as soon as I moved out of the way, he would come and find all the little insecty snacks I had dug up. The first time, I thought he just must not have seen me. I moved onto another bit of the garden, dug a bit, and sure enough there he was right behind me to snarf up more little bugs when I rested.

So, when I went in of course I looked him up on Wikipedia. I’m accustomed to the American robin, which is a completely different species. The article reads, “Well known to British and Irish gardeners, it is relatively unafraid of people and likes to come close when anyone is digging the soil, in order to look out for earthworms and other food freshly turned up; when the gardener stops for a break the robin might use the handle of the spade as a lookout point.” While my robin isn’t just smitten with me, it’s nice to know I haven’t lost my mind. 😉 If you ask me, this rather rotund little bird is much more charming than the robins of my American youth. Apparently he’ll hang around all year, and so being a sucker, I happily went online and bought him this:

Tom Chambers Rockin’ Robin Pitched Roof Nest Box

That’s right–I bought a house especially for one little bird in my garden. Well just look at him..


We’ve got lots of other birds in the garden as well. I can identify the (unfortunately named) blue tits, which are so pretty. There are some brown speckly birds, and some larger darkly colored birds that won’t sit still long enough for my near-sighted eyes to get a good look at. I’ve strategically placed a bird feeder just outside the living room window, so I’ll have to sit very quietly sometime with a bird identification book. For Robin I also bought a ground-feeding tray so perhaps they’ll hang about there as well.

I’ve been having what for me are almost heretical thoughts–I’m now not nearly so keen for the neighborhood cats to come visiting and potentially abusing my little birdies. That’s a new one for me.

Speaking of cats, I’ve been amusing myself this afternoon by pulling the bird sound .mp3s off this site. My cats find them very, very confusing. Poor things, it really is sort of a mean tease, particularly since I’m also encouraging birds to flutter about just outside our windows.


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