Voting Overseas Adventure

Because I was such a bad, bad person 4 years ago, I did not vote for ousting Bushpresident in the last election. I don’t intend to make that mistake again. My excuse ran something along the lines of my hailing from Idaho, an overwhelmingly red state (see wikipedia article with map of red and blue states) and there really not being any point in submitting anything other than a statement Green vote. I understand that’s really irresponsible of me. It’s hypocritical to rant about representative government and not participate in elections.

That said, it’s only today that I’m filling in my request for an absentee ballot. My memory doesn’t always keep up with my good intentions. Anyway, if there are any other stragglers living abroad, this is a useful website to check out: Federal Voting Assistance Program.

Now, to decide whether to vote by conscience, or by pragmatics…*sigh*



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