I have a very hedonistic love for raspberries and variants thereof. When we moved in I did a sweep of the garden to see if I was lucky enough to have some already growing, but was disappointed. Yesterday I was wandering along the hedge inspecting some rather odd things growing out of it. There are some very exotic flowers that have managed to grow up through the hedge and poke their heads out about 8 feet off the ground. I followed ’round to the street side and was astounded to see this:

There are blackberries growing out of the top of a 10 foot hedge, the fruit dangling tauntingly just out of reach! I fully intend to squirm my way into the hedge to extract them intact. What a world..

Some other things from the last couple days of no kids around..

I always enjoy seeing this sort of thing out my front window. This is our first ever lawnmower, btw. Awwww. It’s a Bosch, but it was 60 quid, but it’s Bosch, but it was freaking 60 quid…this goes through my brain when trying to reason how long this thing is meant to last. Our lawn was totally overgrown, and when I told James to go get the huge Tub Trug to help him gather the grass, he was confident that it wouldn’t be needed. Ha, fool. Or, ha, grownup boy who never had to rake a lawn. Hehe. About three passes across the lawn and the thing needed emptied. And also dug out with a stick. 60 quid mower doesn’t like 10″ high grass.

One side is a perfectly respectable but BORING tomato and olive. The other is my newest sensation: beans on toast pizza. And don’t you dump shredded cheddar on your beans and toast? Yeshhh. James mocked me. And then wanted my pizza. Ha.

I cleaned out my candy box and consolidated it into a box about 12″X18″. Don’t be fooled by scale–those red hots, twizzlers, sour patch kids, etc. are the mammoth sizes. I am a spoilt ex-pat.

I have fantastically nice American in-laws. One night soon I’ll make fries with ranch sauce and root beer floats and watch major league baseball. Woo!


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One Response to “What?!?”

  1. rasjane Says:

    That’s a very nice lawn boy you have there! I love to see that out my window too. And know that I don’t have to do it myself.
    Good luck with those blackberries. Y’know, if you lived in Oregon….. JK!
    Mmmmm, fries with ranch sauce. I could totally leave the rootbeer floats, but your right about the in-laws. Totally awesome.
    How long are the kids with the grandparents?

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