If I just keep moving..

..I’ll make it through the next month. Summer vacation is a nasty oxymoron if ever there was one. It’s lots of fun to be really busy and on the move, but it wears me out and the lack of routine or even time to get myself organized is taxing. I feel that I’m on top of things just enough to get through the next week so there’s a little itch of paranoia that something will either come up suddenly or something huge is looming that I’ve just completely forgotten about. I did get a council tax reminder yesterday, whoops. Hopefully that’s as serious as it gets.

The grass has become a bit jungly while we’ve been waiting to get a straight answer about our lawn maintenance requirements as laid out in our lease. Not hearing anything back from the landlord, and the gardeners not having been back a third time, our assumption is that it’s our problem. So, we’re ordering our first mower, aw. I think we’ll go for a Bosch electric one. Have to say, my American biases find it mighty odd to see a mower trailed by a power cord..I mean the British tend to think of our electricity-related habits as accidents waiting to happen. I have made it quite clear that I ‘don’t mow lawns’ and James seems happy to do it. Well, happier than he would have been with the one-off fee of £90 and the bi-weekly maintenance charge of £40 to keep it mown by a professional that we were quoted.

We got our cats back today, which is very very good. As much as Mitu invades my personal space, as he’s doing now, the little pill makes me hugely happy.

I have many photos of festivals and travels to post, and hopefully I’ll remember some of the better anecdotes. Hopefully, I’ll get to that before too long. In the meantime, we love you and if we seem to be ignoring you it’s certainly nothing personal. Just busy.



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