This and that around the house

James was gone, and I had found some organic bacon and Pilsbury crescent roll dough at Tesco (I know, wtf?). Couldn’t resist making pigs in a blanket. This is a notable meal in that I haven’t actually cooked raw meat in more than 5 years. I suppose bacon is hard to mess up–put in pan, fry until nearly rock-hard (I love it that way). So these items, along with Minute Maid orange juice, was very reminiscent of things I ate as a kid. So nice, in an artery-hardening sort of way.

This is what I like to see, a man at some sort of labor necessitating a ladder.

Not so much what I like to see–a man coming at me at breakneck speed on a child-sized scooter.

Definitely what I like to see, a shaved husband. Not so sure about the kid-tormenting though..

Hehe, super Ikea dinner–quorn swedish meatballs, boiled buttered potatoes, gravy, and even loganberry jam.

Poor Joseph, doomed to be forever upstaged.

There’s always stuff in the news insinuating that homeschoolers do what they do in order to abuse their kids and escape notice. I point out here that 1. this has been caught on film and 2. not all of the kids packing the baby into the recycling bin are homeschoolers.

The field behind our new doctor’s office. Could almost be Idaho if you squint right..

Aw, the scruffy village charity shop cat. The tag reads, “Tiger’s: do not sell!”

I submit proof that Joseph does know how to swing *and* that he indeed likes it.

Since Mitu has been given the chance to go outside on a lead, he really really really loves going out. Sometimes just to hop up on the windowsill and watch us pull weeds.

Random bit of our garden: it wouldn’t be a Scottish garden without ‘decorative’ thistles.

This is growing near the front door. I don’t know what it is, but it’s beautiful.

Nyssa has to be hosed off before coming inside from gardening. Only we don’t have a hose or indeed a tap (spigot) outside, so this has to do.

Nyssa putting on a puppet show with Einstein and ‘Homorabi’ the cat. She means to say Hammurabi, lol.

Cookie, Einstein, and Hammurabi, the cast of our puppetry. We are freaks.

No joke: 35% rise in gas prices. That’s fine, we just won’t cook or heat the house this winter. Been meaning to give the kids an object lesson in austerity anyway. 😛

A rainbow out the front door, and me having been quick enough to catch it.

James encouraging kitty bad manners. *sigh*

I may have said before that pipe cleaners are the best craft innovation ever. Here we have pipe cleaner Death Star and pipe cleaner Fighter whatsit (Joseph will strangle me for not remembering which). Nyssa in her usual posture of late–engrossed in a book. She was so sweet the other day, she comes to me and starts gushing breathlessly, as though she were speaking of a crush, about how many different sorts of books there are to read and how she loves that there’s always something new and wonderful to learn about, etc. etc. Aw.

Aw, cute, how sweet, etc. He’s also fluffing up my fabric.

This one just makes me giggle. I have this demanding little guy in my face all the time.

Nom nom nom. But FFS, I thought it was expensive enough at 50% off. Can you believe someone is meant to pay the equivalent of $10 for a wee bag of animal crackers??

We met this little kitty named Puisicain at Dobbies Garden Centre. They’re trying to raise money for Glendrick Roost, a sanctuary for rescued, abused and/or unwanted animals. They’re having a hard time at the moment because their leased land has been pulled out from under them to make way for some other more profitable venture. If you know of a location, please contact them. Also, please go and give them a donation. They’re just a wee charity, but they care so much for their animals and do such good.


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8 Responses to “This and that around the house”

  1. amy_paperlady Says:

    The unknown front-door plant is something I call (probably erroneously :-P) Indian Paintbrush. It’s all over the place here! Not sure if it’s native or just really opportunistic.

  2. rasjane Says:

    Great pics. Thanks for posting them. Hmm, we recently experienced the adults careening down the sidewalk on children’s wheeled toys as well. I shall have to post pictures.
    I love pipecleaners too. I have been known to hand back a package during long car trips.
    Eek on the gas prices. Not much different here. We are just lucky to live on the West Coast where we don’t have to rely on gas for much. Sooo glad we don’t have to heat the house with fuel oil. OUCH!

    • rosgen Says:

      My other favorite thing to go with pipecleaners are those little beads with the three knobby corners..don’t know what to call them. So awesome..

      Yeah, I’m a bit nervous, as we’ve already had to use heating this summer..don’t want to think what it’s going to be like come winter. We’ll have to be like pensioners and live in one room.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I saw those animal crackers in the Jenner’s food hall at 50% off BUT STILL GOLD-PLATED and though – WTF? NO!

    • Anonymous Says:

      God, one day I will remember to sign.


      • rosgen Says:

        Yeah..or you could sign up for a dummy account and stay always signed in. It’s the only way I ‘remember’.

        I think us yankees eat the food as kids, and some of the more dodgy ingredients work their way into our brains, and we will see a Twinkie or a Butterfinger or an Animal Cracker and have an explosive moment of ‘NEED THAT!’ It’s not good.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I recetnyl has some Butterfingers shipped to me and they were GOOD.

        Tracy (< - see??)

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