Big Tent 2008

Finally getting around to posting pictures.. This year we did make it to Big Tent in Falkland, and it was good times. Definitely expanded from a couple years ago.

Waiting for the bus that morning, Nyss and I definitely look ready to go hang out with hippies *guffaw*

An enviable entrance.

The mist on the hills was very pretty, and actually the weather held pretty well that day.

Jos and Nyss grinding flour. You learn something new about your kids every day–Joseph can really work a mill stone!

Doing some crafts in a yurt is a nice way to pass the time.

Very nice finished items. Joseph worked quite hard on his Star Wars scene.

Here Joseph is cutting out a rubbing he made with plant materials on cloth.

Ginormous Connect Four: Joseph and peer vs. a baby. Surely it’s in the bag.

Oh no! In an unexpected move, Baby brings in the big guns–paint-covered toddler! Joseph and peer forfeited.

Those who know Nyss might recognize this refusal to use chairs in a standard, non-risky fashion. And also her refusal to wear matched socks.

Joseph has identified our village. Well done!

Hopes and Fears. Nyssa in particular took this quite seriously.

Mine reads: I fear the Boogie Mans! This is just as serious, I assure you. Just watch me around dusk when I begin my mad dash to shut curtains.

Cherry trees and grass that has gone to seed–someday I want a large portion of a garden devoted to such things.

A spring-loaded cigarette dispenser, cool! Joseph was not impressed. With as much as he’s needed his inhaler recently, fair enough.

FFS, even at a ‘festival of sustainability’, it’s just not a British outdoor event without a bouncy castle.

A vendor was selling Bouvrage. I realllly like the sparkling raspberry drink. I brought some home and made sorta float-like desserts with it using raspberry panna cotta ice cream. Very nice.


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3 Responses to “Big Tent 2008”

  1. rasjane Says:

    M wants to come stay with you for a month he says to experience all your fun. It would be so fun to come back and visit again. sigh

    • rosgen Says:

      Well, when he’s older he’s surely welcome to come hang out here for a while, or use us as a base of operations for exciting adventures. When the dollar recovers, you should come back and we should go to Wool Fest, etc.

      • rasjane Says:

        That does sound like a good plan. And Wool Fest. Definitely fun!
        But I wonder if you might mean IF the dollar recovers. We’ll see who gets elected and what happens after that. Sigh.

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