Festivals Cometh

One of my goals this year was to get involved with the Edinburgh festivals to a much greater degree. It’s just lame to have such a rich resource every single year and not take advantage. This year we’re focusing on the Fringe and the Book Festival.

At the Book Festival the kids will be seeing the author of the Horrid Henry books, most of which Nyssa has read. Should be exciting for her anyway. Joseph will be unimpressed at the wake-up time.. That day should be fairly spectacular for them though as they get to hang around at the festival, have lunch out, go on a storytelling tour with friends, and then have a sleepover with said friends (to let Mum and Dad go to other events that perhaps don’t bear mentioning). James will be going to see Iain Banks, which should be very cool, particularly if he can find a friend to go with. Any takers?

We have several Fringe events scheduled. Joseph has a drama workshop called, ‘Jedi Training Academy.’ Really, could there be anything better? Nyssa will go along and be a good sport (right Nyssa??). Later in the day we will see The History of Scotland in 60 Seconds or Less, James Campbell’s Shut Up Stupid (description: ” at language, idiots, teddies, neuro-linguistic nightmares and blankies. Stupid. Bumface.” Hehe..), and Bale De Rua (“Direct from a sell-out Paris season, the UK premiere of Brazilian dance and percussion spectacular. Featuring an exhilarating blend of capoiera, hip hop and original music, this street ballet will have you dancing in the aisles.” I’m really looking forward to this one.).

Our next Fringe day starts with a drama workshop that Nyssa chose, themed on Roald Dahl. Afterwards we will watch the show performed by the company that put on the workshops called, “Rapunzel–May the Force be With You” which is billed as the fairy tale done Star Wars-style. Cool. Later we’ll try to catch the free show ‘The Comedy Cartoon Story Show,’ put on by a stand-up comic/cartoonist. That should be interesting, at least. I think that afternoon will be our best chance to go see Wall-E.

The next week the kids are both participating in a 5-hour-long (woah) circus skills workshop, put on by Albert and Friends Instant Circus, who are up from London. This event could go many ways, and suffice it to say that I won’t venture far from the venue and will pay close attention to my mobile. ๐Ÿ˜› Later in the day we meet up with James who will take Joseph to a stand-up comedy club aimed at being appealing to kids while Nyssa and I see an American high school production of Hair.

I’m quite excited because I get to see Rich Hall and Jimmy Carr. My very very very kind friend is taking the kids for the night so James and I can go out and paint the town. Or conk out at 11. But at least we’ll be conking out in a hotel! August should be all kinds of fun.


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3 Responses to “Festivals Cometh”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gah – how did I miss those?? The dance thing sounds fab. We went to State of Matter and Flamenco Flamenoc which were both really good. I wanted to sign them up for the Jedi Academy but and circus workshops but am glad I was slightly too nervous, since Youngest has just broken his arm….

    Excellent selection!

    • Anonymous Says:

      (Tracy of Edinburgh again)

    • rosgen Says:

      It’s reallly hard to pick stuff from that catalogue if it’s not in the kids section. Even then, there’s no guarantee that it won’t be rubbish. For the Bale de Rua thing, I think I would have just scanned the ads with pictures, as pathetic as that is. It would have been information overload if I read every blurb, and then tracked down websites and such. When you spend that much money, you almost have to in order to make it a gamble with a fair shot of your winning. ๐Ÿ˜› So we did luck out with that one.

      The drama workshops probably have spaces if you wanted to ring on the morning sometime. Poor Nyss missed hers yesterday because flooding meant our train didn’t even make it as far as Waverley. I knew I should have stayed in bed.. Ah well. If you go to their Rapunzel show, they’ll probably really like it, but for your own sanity sort of turn off the part of your brain that takes note of script-writing and be prepared for the worst american bravado accent of all time.. As a warning, they also sell shiny things that kids might whinge for, lovely light-up pirate swords and such.

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