Some of this and that..

Hard to believe, but we’ve just about been in the house 2 weeks. The sky high pile of boxes behind me seems to indicate otherwise. Mostly things are fine, just little niggles. Like the gardener who doesn’t clean up his clippings. Or the leak in the downstairs bathroom. Or this:

We were left a gift by the former tenants. The washer wouldn’t drain properly, so I dug around in the pump filter and pulled out about a week’s worth of bus fare, a key, and other assorted goodies. And this was after I had cleaned out rusting metal shards from the rubber whatsit next to the door. If I die of lockjaw, you know who to pin it on. Ugh.

On to nicer things..

Possibly the most ridiculous thing we’ve come up with yet–taking our cat for a walk. Thing is, we feel bad that they look so desperate to explore outside and they’re too crap to be outdoor cats. Surely we can train them to walk on a lead. Surely? Mitu has been the bravest. On his first attempt he did explore the perimeter of the house, and we were encouraged in our lunatic idea. But then the next time he just kept bolting back inside. I think we might need to enlist the help of tuna.

I love catching the kids in ‘ARGH!’ moments. James made Joseph a CD of Star Wars music..but made the first track ‘Zurg’s Planet’ from Toy Story, which Joseph is decidedly *NOT INTO* anymore. Hahahahaha.

When I picked up this log, I was so enchanted with the myriad assorted sizes of Roly Poly bug that lived on it that I went to get the camera. I got back and there weren’t any on it anymore. I think this visitor to our yard might have something to do with it..

You see the landscape whizzing by? We are on a highway. I worry for the mental health of our bus drivers.

Just around the hills from our place is a brilliant organic farm and wee shop called Pillars of Hercules. Now being an area resident I couldn’t wait to start volunteering. This morning was our first go, and aside from Joseph being extremely unimpressed by our 7am wake-up time and his allergies being fairly nasty, it was a lovely morning. These are my two children in the broad bean patch.

I have many beans.

I adore this photo. And so many people will enjoy the beans we picked. 🙂 Afterwards we were asked to pick some blackcurrants. Poor Joseph was so hay fevery that he was holding a kleenex to his nose with one hand and trying to sort berries with the other. I thought that perhaps was a bit too organic (ew..) so retired him for the day. The bell rang shortly thereafter, and we went in for a very nice tea break. Someone made me a cappucino and spoiled the kids with organic sodas and we all had toast with set honey. All the workers sat around a rough-hewn table and it was just very, very pleasant. Hopefully we’ll make it once a week or so.

Organic farm kitty.

That’s my girl, showing off the John Deere. That’s her having-just-said-‘Aww Yeah’ face.

I didn’t take this, found it on a google image search for Strathmiglo. It’s nice to live in a place pretty enough that you’d look for a picture of it to use as your desktop wallpaper.

That 7am wake-up time is catching up with me. *yawn*


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3 Responses to “Some of this and that..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s so beautiful!

    Tell me about your cats – I wrestle with this whole indoor/putdoor business. My boy goes out in the shared back yard/environs for an hour a day, but the rest of the time I keep him in and feel guilty.

    I am currently feeling guilty about wanting another cat but thinking he will hate it/me. Advice?

    Tracy of Edinburgh

    • rosgen Says:


      I’ve got three cats–one we adopted who was so fat she looked like a diabetes poster cat. We’ve tried for four years to get her weight down, but she’s really stubborn..or something. Our next cat was also an adoptee. He’s a beautiful thing, looks kinda like a turkish van with too much ginger. He by contrast weights next to nothing. Our ‘kitten’ is now 3, and is very naughty but very intelligent (he plays fetch, etc.) He is also getting on towards being as big as a maine coone. His parentage is a serious mystery, as his mum was a tiny tabby.

      Mitu always wants out now that he’s had a taste of it, even though he cries the whole time he’s exploring, silly thing. We’re right next to a road though, and there are lots of neighborhood cats who would probably bully the poor dear. If you get a rescue cat, you can find one that prefers being indoors. Or you can find one that always has been and use his ‘lack of street skills’ as an excuse to keep him safely inside with less guilt.

      Learning to manipulate my guilt is one of the most essential skills of being a grownup, I’m realizing! lol

      • Anonymous Says:

        I agree re: guilt! I looked several indoor-only cats before getting a rescue kitten. How did you go about introducing your cats? I am convinced Billy No Mates will loathe interlopers!

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