Doctor Who rant

This is fantastically childish, but I feel the need to vent my frustration over how tonight’s episode of Doctor Who went. Those who haven’t seen Journey’s End yet will probably want to avert their eyes..

Firstly, I was appalled at the treatment of Catherine Tate’s character Donna. That funny, insecure, lovely woman, who for once in the new series is someone who does not fancy the Doctor, saved all of creation. Her reward is to have her mind erased and to go back and live with her pitying family? The sacrifice made without her later awareness of it is just a smack in the face to a viewer like me who really liked this character. I am not impressed Russell T. Davies!!

Secondly, what the hell is all this need to please Rose? She keeps popping up in the series without being invited, like a rash, and won’t go away until finally she’s dumped back in her alternate universe with a Doctor clone who conveniently has a human body and all of the Doctor’s memories. Even then she refuses to be satisfied and looks all pouty in her last (and, may we dare hope, final scene). F*ck her. She is not special, and I’m resentful. Perhaps this is lingering feelings from my being completely in love (platonically, if a bit possessively I assure you) with the Doctor as shown on PBS when I was an adolescent? I don’t know, but I was discussing my discontent with Joseph, a fellow Whovian, and he burst out laughing. He cackled and pointed at me, if you can believe the cheek, and exclaimed, ‘you’re jealous!! I can’t believe it! This is the first time I’ve known you to be jealous!!’ and falls over laughing. Well, I tell you..I folded my arms and fnered.

There was one other thing that irritated me. They showed a brief preview of the Christmas special and, surprise surprise, there will be yet another appearance of the Cybermen. Yawn. This recycling of all the ‘big’ old enemies is getting old. I want more of the mythology of the Doctor, his race, his planet, etc. revealed. I was just sure that in tonight’s episode Gallifrey would be revealed as the last planet. Or that Donna would actually have been a reawakened Time Lady (Romana perhaps?) similar to what happened to the Master. One other thing would make me happy–if they would quit this trend of involving the companions’ families so much in the series. Who. Cares. Seriously.

Most importantly, I feel they need to seriously backpedal with the whole the Doctor being a romantic character..thing. The Doctor is meant to be asexual. I can’t deal with it otherwise. If I see him snog anybody again I’m going to throw an action figure dalek at the TV.

Wow, well that was probably of no interest whatsoever to anyone else, but it was cathartic for me!



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