Molly No Mates

I’m one of those pathetic bloggers whose activities aren’t sufficient to supply her with no-brainer blogging material by way of meme tagging. So when I come across one I like, I just steal it. So..

What did you do 10 years ago?
I was pregnant with Joseph, Ray and I were trying to get an education, and Ray was working more than anyone should have had to. More specific to the summer of ’98, we did manage to go camping once, though true to form it ended in disaster. I ended up in the ER with dodgy womb-related things, and Ray ended up in the ER because of excruciating pain caused by a colonoscopy he had had a couple days prior. He was doped up on painkiller, and I tried driving back to the campsite. I ended up lost and crying so decided to spend our last money on a hotel room. We drove around for hours looking for a place, with me trying to keep Ray in the car while I spoke with reception for fear that the hotel would reject us based on his drunk-seemingness. He did not. At one hotel he wandered down the street and I had to go find him and at another, where we did finally get a room ($90 for a few hours sleep at a Shiloh Inn..I was pissed. Particularly when I got their cheesy thank you note in the mail) he wandered into the lobby and made a scene. Hmm..good times.

Five items on your to-do list:
-Buy 2 pails of Dulux paint in Regatta 6
-Book the kids’ circus workshop places at the Edinburgh Fringe
-get a less severe prescription for my glasses
-bid on Nyssa’s flower girl dress on ebay, a pretty gold M&S one
-price embroidery hoops for this and this and this. On a related note, buy lots of ribbons.

Snacks I enjoy:
-Oberto Jamaican sweet and hot jerky (note to US family–excellent item to throw in parcels. Just sayin’)
-mini cornetto ice cream cones
-low fat ridged potato chips
-dried fruit bars
-a spoonful of american peanut butter
-those puffy cornish crackers, particularly with emmental or jarlsberg
-tiny sweet pickles

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Fill my life with as much tactile, visual, aural, etc. happiness as possible. Hugest, most well-designed craft area. A staff for the things I don’t want to do and for, well, company. I’d have more children, because we could afford a surrogate mother (for health-related issues-my figure is long gone). I’d set the kids up work that makes them happy. I’d anonymously build home education resource centres.

Places I would live:
Moscow, Idaho; Key West, Florida; Oaxaca, Mexico; Somewhere Lovely, Scotland; a Big Ocean-Going boat.

Jobs I have had:
-dishwasher/food prep at a very nice restaurant (with my dad!)
-sales in a consignment shop
-office assistant in university international program
-sales at the Bon Marche (now Macys), mostly hiding in the back room of the china dept.
-the usual 1-7 days in fast food/call centres/etc. before running away
-waitress at a white trash restaurant
-doughnut shop (only job the kids remember :P)
-management at a Hastings

Wow, is that it? That’s fairly depressing. Of course that’s only paid labor..

If you want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged..


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