Good news!

No, I’m not going to blather on about my house. This is even better! Tiger is back!

Tiger is our wonderful neighborhood cat. He sits inside Tesco to get out of the rain, he suns himself where passersby can admire him, he goes into the boutique downstairs and trods on the cash register buttons, and generally makes loveable naughtiness. Last fall we stopped seeing him and worriedly asked around. The best (and most hopeful) guess was that due to ill health his owners had switched him to a special food and he didn’t like this at all so moved on. The worst was that he had fallen victim during the time that Fife was experiencing a spate of catnapping. Several months went by and we sort of accepted that our little friend was gone–until the other day when James went into Tesco and happily found Tiger sitting inside by the carts! Today when I walked to pick the kids up from drama I saw him too, sunning himself on the pavement. I bent down to chat him up and he performed a series of adorable cuteness tummy rolls. Aw.

Last week I finally managed to get the kids to the dentist. Here I admit how awful a parent I am–aside from the little checks they had while still in primary school, they have never been. Ever. I know this ranks up there with outright neglect, but, well, yeah. Nyssa was verrrry nervous, poor bean. She let Joseph go first (how nice) and saw that it wasn’t that terrible. When it was her turn she got in the chair, and to everyone’s surprise, this is what happened:

The reason the dentist is smiling is that he had just finished stating that Nyssa is the giggliest patient he has *ever* had. If you’ve seen her get going with the giggles, you can probably imagine. The difference here is that her mouth had to stay open and she had to try to stay still. I wish I had gotten a video instead of just a picture.

So, the kids both need a wee bit of work done, nothing serious. That is, I know it’s nothing serious, but they’ll be surely freaking out the morning of. Joseph is also being referred to an orthodontist because of those little bunny teeth of his, bless.

It is still on my mind to post vacation photos and commentary. I’m just a bit tired and lazy busy. I hate to think that it wil take me until we’ve moved to do it, but it just might.

That said, I don’t use all of my spare time to pack. I spent way too much time this afternoon in my pajamas (what) sketching out a quilt design for all those sunny fat quarters I bought for Nyssa back in the States

Have to say, I bought it for the kids (*cough*), but this thing is just darned useful:

Should probably go make dinner. We’re having taco pizza, something we’ve had a berjillion times. Still, when I told Nyssa she managed to act as though it was a novelty she had never heard of, much less eaten. I hate when the kids do that! I have enough reasons to feel like a left-field wierdo already, thank you. 😛


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One Response to “Good news!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    magnetic quilt thing

    where on earth did you find such a thing? Please send me address or email….it looks so cool. Don’t feel bad about the dentist thing…we were lousey at getting you girls to the dentist too. uh, sorry…love you, mom

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