Sumfink sumfink…

I finally caught that post-flight funk. ’twas gross, as usual. I wasn’t quite over it today, but tomorrow is Father’s Day so I had to get the kids out to get James some stuff. Apologies to the various grandfathers, I just wasn’t up to organizing sending things this week. We managed to get some items chosen, the Saturday shoppers and my having to queue to get sick in the bathroom notwithstanding. After a dash through sudden rain, I got back home and realized how bad the downstairs smells. Apparently no one had picked up the kitty litter duty during my period of infirmity. I took care of that, then made the mistake of going into the kitchen, where there are just always evidences of behaviors that are going to piss me off. I was feeling sort of feverish by this point, saw the dish brush touching the sink drain, and just lost it. I yelled for the kids to come in and rehashed the usual ‘people leave the sink too gross to leave sponges in it and now I have to sanitize the lot, arghhh!’ rant, albeit in a much higher register and with much grander gestures this go around, then went into the living room and started bawling into a pillow. Then James started whistling in the next room, just generally a cardinal sin, and I stumbled into the room he was occupying and started verbally flailing at him through hiccupy sobs. I so impress myself sometimes. Anyway, he was smart enough to diffuse the situation with cuddles rather than take offense; God only knows how today would have turned out if he decided to start flailing back. Somehow, within 10 minutes or so, I was fine and even started making dinner rather than retreating to the couch. Freak.

So, for added zen to a day that needs it, some lolcats:

(for non-yankees, see here for the raison de lol)



That last one makes me seriously happy.


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2 Responses to “Sumfink sumfink…”

  1. rasjane Says:

    See? I knew we had much in common. I would have responded exactly.the.same.way.

    I hope you are feeling much, much better and that James had a lovely Father’s Day.

    Soo, contract recieved? When do you move into your home-sweet-home? Can you tell I’m overly excited for you? I wonder if I’m brave enough to hual 3 younguns to Scotland? Probably not. Looks like we’re going to be house shopping too soon, so maybe I’d best save what few pennies I can anyway.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I cry with laughter at these and my boyfriend just looks on in unmoved incomprehension!

    E-FdC (PS Just catching up on your blog!)

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