I just read on the beeb that Scotland lost to Russia today in football. Why am I laughing? Because we had to deal with those asshat Rangers fans on the train this morning on their way to Manchester; they having bought the snack bar out of Tennants by 10:00 am and us having to stand with babies and small children smashed against a wall whilst the hollering and yowling yobs drank and enjoyed their seats. The frequency with which they were up and getting riled up, running for the train loo, or otherwise vacating their seats just added insult to injury. And I didn’t get the worst of it–poor S had baby R in her arms and had to tolerate the stinky oafs trying to make the baby laugh and roaring with with pleasure when he obliged them. I admire her fortitude, as I would have started breaching the peace were our positions reversed. As it was, all I could do was help to keep them from stepping on toddler R as they lumbered off the train at Haymarket, then lumbered back on because they were all meant to get off at Waverly, actually… So yeah, HAHAHAHA YOUR TEAM WAS AS BAD AS YOUR MANNERS!!! (f*cktards)

So, this will likely be my last post for a spell as we’re getting on the plane Friday morning for the States. I’m already in an excellent state of sleep deprivation, but I shall strive to make a photo post…

Nyssa loves trying on Camilla-esque posh headband hats. I think Joseph is perhaps performing security duties? That or trying to secure some sort of Star Wars vehicle, which is the current running theme of his imaginary weirding-people-out-in-public play.

If you look closely, and cut and paste the photo to hell, prettiness can be found in Kirkcaldy.

Adult Arts Tuition in Fife = paper machier replicas of Magic Roundabout characters, apparently. Nyss and Jos were reluctant to have their photo taken with them for age-related issues. I suspect they were (justifiably) scared of the things..

So, today in Edinburgh. K and I were discussing the dress of these dudes, and noting how military folk in northern climes seem to have a good old time just piling animals upon themselves; a bear fur hat here, a dead big cat there, a huge purse thing made of cow, and yards and yards of sheep. The fur all seemed very faux, which I suppose is good, but it really does make it all that much more ridiculous. I’m sorry, but I don’t care if the soldier is carrying a rifle–if he’s wearing a plushy, he just doesn’t instill all that much confidence.

We couldn’t be bothered to properly pay to get into Holyrood Palace as we just needed the toilets, nor could I be bothered to take proper pictures. This was noteworthy though–the Queen’s loo (well..what is allocated to us plebs anyway). It pongs, ya’ll. I’m seriously considering writing her a letter. Something along the lines of, ‘Dear HRM, The john reeks. Pawn one of those jewels and buy some Toilet Duck. Kind regards, a concerned loo patron.’

This would be near Parliament. ‘But..the sky..so blue..’ you protest. I know, I know, that’s why it merited a photo. That, and I was having fun creeping out Yoga Guy.

This is a fairly typical sunshine activity for me. S took a bunch of the kids up the huge hill and was fantastically energetic about it. I had said, ‘screw that,’ or something similar. I had a hat and it was probably one of three days in a year when the grass here is dry enough to sit on without staining your clothes green, so I almost felt a duty to lay down and do nowt.


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One Response to “HAHAHAHA”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Could it be…?

    Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, and let’s don’t discount that possibility, those are pictures of much matured Nyssa and Joseph! I didn’t realize you two were practically voting age now! Nyssa, you look like a right proper lady, but with the right amount of your mother’s mystique. Of course, Joseph looks like a little charmer. You remind me of a dear friend i had…
    You two have grown up way too quickly. I wish i could just fly over there and see you, but i have a little sprout of a family over here, and more on the way, so perhaps some day you can see your American siblings…because of course any children so adorable and perfect must be related somehow!

    You two will have to catch me up on all the important stuff that has been going on.

    Much, much MUCH love,
    Your favorite God-Father,
    Cody (and Shannon…and Eamonn…and soon, √Čile too)

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