It ain’t right

Nyssa has recently admitted that she’s afraid of flying because of the risk of crashing. I’ve given her all sorts of reassurances and statistics, but what is sad is that the most illustrative example was the news this week–she’s much more likely to die in a cyclone or an earthquake than she is to die in a plane wreck. I really hope she’s spacing out when we go through security and misses the whole to-do about liquids in carry on luggage. As far as she’s aware, mechanical failure is the only reason a plane would go down. That says a lot about us humans, doesn’t it?



One Response to “It ain’t right”

  1. rasjane Says:

    Innocence is lovely, isn’t it. But hard to preserve. Hmm, I think we recently had this convo.
    Anyway, I hope things go very well on the flight over. Just tell her that G had a marvelous time on the plane. And since they have the same birthday, she must too. See? I can do kid-logic!

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