On the way home from the house last week we played in the village park and stopped at Piilars of Hercules organic farm shop.

This excellent park comes with a bonus drowning hazard :D. James likes to show off the waterproofing on his boots. Or something. This will be an interesting place to hang out, actually. Just a quick look and Jamie found some really nifty antique bits of pottery that had been worn smooth. Could make some interesting pendants or mosaics or something.

Pillars has one excellent kid feature–just a pit marked out for digging. James likes it too, as you can see.

Nyssa was tickled to find out that running up and down the fence would result in the chickens running up and down with her.

This would be my new hair color, done professionally. It doesn’t show the highlights really, they turned out fairly blondish, ack. I’m about to turn 30, so naturally I keep scanning my face for signs of eld. So far I just seem more round. Not sure what I think about that :P.

This weekend is going to be mad. James is leaving Sunday for Birmingham and he’s not getting back until the evening of the 15th. That’s right, and we’re leaving for the States the next morning. I’m not impressed. Why his company thinks it’s wise or kind to schedule him away up until the exact day he requested off is just beyond me. They need women doing the scheduling, seriously. Women with kids and animals and lives outside work. Sheesh..


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2 Responses to “Cheeken”

  1. fairylaura Says:

    Bad luck on the sending-James-away front.

    Hurrah for the hair- it looks rather good. And you, as always, look marvellous. But then, I am biased…

    Chickens. I want to do that too!

  2. rasjane Says:

    You look simply mah-velous! I love the new do. Makes hmm about my own.

    The area around the house looks like tons of fun. My boys would move into the stream with James. I also really like that store. What a stroke of brilliance to have dirt for little people (and little people at heart) to play with.

    Yeah, I don’t understand corporate scheduling at all. Solmetimes they even *do* have women scheduling it and still can’t get it right.

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