Eep eep eep

This is what I’m excited about–I might have found us a house:

Edit: James thought perhaps I shouldn’t stick the front of the house photo up for a while, given that at the moment it’s plastered on letting agent sites that use mapping features. This is the left-front garden instead.

This is the view over the wall on the right side of the garden. This pummels our current view over the Tesco parking lot to pieces.

-vestibule with tile and stained glass and second door. This is nice, but the important thing is that second door. It acts as a kitty air lock (Mitu has developed an unnerving interest in the world beyond the front door).
-there are *five* fireplaces in the house, one being a gas flame type
-house dates to around 1912, is what she said I think.
-old wooden floors (but also see cons)
-uses those beautiful sandstone blocks/bricks
-many little nooks and cupboards
-downstairs WC
-two bedrooms downstairs, which means we could have the entire upstairs as grownup land, aside from when the kids need to be bathed.
-big quiet office upstairs for James, and a big bedroom for us.
-gas central heating
-huge drying structure on the ceiling of the kitchen
-all white goods, including dishwasher. The washer/dryer are *not* in the kitchen
-gas hob
-will have a new boiler
-walled/fenced garden
-just over our wall is the tiny river Eden, with a park area with picnic tables, paths (for learning to ride bikes!), and grass for running around
-the local shop is open until 10pm, I think, and has an atm and most of the basics we’d need (i.e. emergency cat food..)
-bus goes right to Pillars of Hercules, which would provide both food and excellent mucky volunteer opportunities
-falkland is 2 miles away
-lots of space in the garden
-gorgeous views of hills and fields
-playground about a minute’s walk away
-the kids really love it
-big dining room
-I can ask for a hammock for my birthday and not get laughed at!
-has a shed

-kitchen is small, though definitely not unbearably so. There’s room for my kitchen storage furniture and probably a butterfly table.
-those wooden floors might proof splintery, though they seemed pretty smooth when I touched them
-no bath tub. seriously.
-the carpet isn’t great, but at least it’s not a horrible color or pattern. Fortunately, only the stairs and one bedroom have it. The rest have hardwood, aside from what would be Nyssa’s room and the kitchen and bathrooms which have laminate.
-we’d have to (pay someone to) mow the lawn
-until we get a car, certain errands will be a pain in the ass. Hopefully the cats don’t get sick, because I’d have to taxi them to the Glenrothes branch of our vet. The less time I spend in Glenrothes (aside from when visiting friends) the better. It just rubs me the wrong way..

Apparently there’s another couple (from London, :P) who are looking at it on Saturday. If they really want it there’s going to be, I don’t know, a battle of the references? In a way this is good–the stress is keeping me from worrying about getting on a plane in 2ish weeks (gah). I just want this pretty house to be mine to make lovely and homey.


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3 Responses to “Eep eep eep”

  1. fairylaura Says:

    It looks *gorgeous*. And usually wooden floors don’t splinter, so you should be okay.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It’s lovely!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It’s lovely!


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