Update your bookmarks..

..actually, you don’t really have to. If you go to rosgen.net, you’ll see why. At the moment, I’ve just got my livejournal embedded into it, with no bonus spiffy content. But the domain’s mine, and I can dump files into it. *shrug*

And now some random photos..

This is Nyssa with her new fashion designing set. Joseph has made some gorgeous things with it too–I’ve told him I wished I had a prom to go to now that he’s around :). Nyssa refuses my suggestion that she starts using colored pencils rather than markers, as she’ll have so much more flexibility. She replied that that was completely unnecessary as she has every color in marker she would ever want. Well, fair enough I guess?

This is me being very creepy. I have no idea who this cute little girl is, but Joseph pointed her out, saying, ‘Awwwww, look! That little girl is getting her hair done, and there’s another girl on the other side of the room getting *her* hair done! I think they’re twins! Aren’t they cuuute?’ I love that Joseph has a strong sense of squee. I wish I was talented enough to have gotten them both in the picture using mirror reflections, but ah well. At the point I got this photo, it was getting hard to pretend I was just checking my messages ;).

This crappy picture is our Animal Crossing family. The kids really love it, and I find them cuddled up playing their little people together. I like to play just long enough to write them a letter or see how they’ve furnished the house, etc.

This is our kitten. He’s looking quite grand isn’t he? And very well-behaved, for once. Silly little cat. <3<3<3


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