Stand-up good times

One of my enduring obsessions has been watching stand-up on TV. Being a nightowl in the UK means that I’ve seen each episode of Jack Dee Live at the Apollo about a dozen times. Last night I was watching the bit with him going OCD about house guests and toothbrush bristles mingling, and decided that he is indeed my male, middle-aged alter-self. Wish I could find that bit on youtube, but instead here is him ranting about movie hotlines:

Whoops, BBC Vid can’t be embedded (w*nk*rs)–click here

On live at the Apollo he begins and ends the show with a special guest in the middle. One of the most brilliant has to be Omid Djalili. If you’ve not seen him on the tele, watch these. That means you in particular, Maureen.

And also, Omid does a good hillbilly



One Response to “Stand-up good times”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    thanks much

    well done, man

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