pondering smells

I’ve discovered that I really like Lush’s Fever perfume balm along with Estee Lauder’s Beautiful perfume. It would be nice to replicate something similar in one product.

Notes in fever:
* rose
* jasmine
* sandalwood
* gardenia

Notes in Beautiful:
* Top Notes
Rose, Mandarin, Lily, Tuberose, Marigold

* Middle Notes
Orange Flower, Muguet, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang

* Base Notes
Sandalwood, Vetiver

It’s apparent immediately why they go well together. I’ve got several of these scents already, shall start experimenting. Will keep my mind off my pink-eye perhaps. Yeah, how much does that suck?? And to add insult to injury I got a message this morning saying my prescription sunglasses were ready to be picked up and would I please call and make an appointment. I can just imagine the reaction of a busy high street optometrist to a girl wandering in with goopy green eyes..hehe.

Take one: I put lots of woods in and it ended up smelling like pine-sol. Maybe tree smells are best left outdoors? I need to find some sandalwood oil..

Take two:
Copious amounts of jasmine and ylang ylang, lots of clove, a fair amount of rose (which smells *really* odd in the bottle, is that normal?), and some patchouli, basil, chamomile. Chamomile, oddly enough, is really powerful and I’m not sure I like the smell. Since I had to add alcohol, I figured I could add vanilla and almond extracts, which made it much nicer. Think a bit more jasmine and ylang ylang relative to the clove next time. I want to smell more like a flower than a cookie ;). And maybe no chamomile or rose at all..

So I went out today by myself. I wasn’t in a great mood. Everything looking so short and skewed is powerful depressin’. I bought a Dr Seuss t-shirt to cheer myself up. Also thought my bout of the eye funk was excuse enough to get a new mascara. *shrug* Today is a very *shrug* sort of day.


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