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It occurred to me that setting up a page would be a tidier way to keep track of links. Also set up a account. This is nifty because I can post my random happenings and not-so-profound thoughts from my mobile. Wowww. Links to left.

Had a surreal experience on the train ride home the other day. I had fallen asleep and woke dozily at some point to see an assortment of businesses that included Toys ‘R Us, Staples, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. and wondered, woah, did I teleport to a sprawling stripmall in Anywhere, USA? Ah, but then I sighted a behemoth of a Mecca Bingo and knew I was still home in the UK. Buaha.

I picked up my glasses today, and the kids had the fun of holding my arms to help steady me as we wandered through M&S whilst I alternated laughing giddily and bemoaning the nausea. I feel a foot shorter when I wear them, which just does no good for a person of my stature. And one question–is it normal for my left hand to look considerably smaller than my right? I’ll ask at the optician’s, but if this is how it’s supposed to be, I do hope my brain straightens this out because there is no way I could drive when I can’t even see square.



2 Responses to “tweet tweet”

  1. rasjane Says:

    That’s why I hate getting new glasses! I have astigmatism too and I walk around like a drunk for days. It gets better, I promise. Just be careful with sharp objects and knitting until you feel a bit more confident. Again, I promise!
    And *heart patter* I’m on your frequent list! You’re a sweetie.

    • rosgen Says:

      Thanks, I am relieved to know that it’s a good possibility that they haven’t totally messed my prescription up. It was quite startling to look at the kids at first because while I knew they were cute, I never saw them sharply before. And they are *really* cute šŸ™‚

      Yeah, yours is the first blog I catch up on. There aren’t all that many blogs of people I *actually* know, that are also homeschooling, that do cool stuff..etc.

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