Oatso funny

Nyssa’s sense of humor is coming along nicely. To backtrack a little, a couple weeks ago I got sick of the kids continually getting cheerios all over the floor and threatened them with a week of oatmeal if it persisted. They must not have taken me seriously (they should know better by now I would think) because, sure enough, cheerios everywhere. So I enacted the sentence and to add insult to injury made them eat the baby porridge that you have to reconstitute. Sounds sadistic? I blame my dad and the Fishstick Punishment of ’93. Anyway, yesterday I took Nyssa to McDonalds to reward her for coming to the vet with me. Yeah, I know, but it’s the only place on the high street that does proper (well..) milkshakes, and she was yearning for one. Here we are also subjected to McDonalds Monopoly, and she got a sticker to peel on her cup. She was an instant winner–of a free bowl of Oatso Simple Porridge. Apparently British people consider that a prize and not, you know, an act of cruelty. Nyssa got the brilliant idea of taking it home, acting all excited and going on and on about winning a wonderful prize but wanting to give it to her beloved brother. The deflated look on his face upon reading his ‘prize’ was excellent.

Another Nyssa food-related funny–she came running to me the other day after a dinner of pasta and vegetarian ‘scampi’ exclaiming, ‘Mum I LOVE the pasta and scabs you made for dinner!’

Oh oh, I passed my car theory test, w00t. 🙂 Now to get my eyes checked, new glasses, and start properly driving.

So, I’ve declared this a house-cleaning weekend, but so far all we’ve managed is one run to Argos and now James and the kids are playing Xbox 360 while eating Ikea snacks, and I’m nursing a headache and thinking I’ll need a nap before anything more strenuous.


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5 Responses to “Oatso funny”

  1. rasjane Says:

    That is hilarious! I wish I could have seen Joseph’s face.

    CONGRATS!! Now we’ll get to meet a real, live British driver! What do you plan to do with all that freedom? Well, after you find a car that is…

    • rosgen Says:

      I should have been more specific–I still have to take the practical test, which everyone warns me is a holy b*tch. I’m doing it on an automatic though, so we shall see. I’ll have to have a wimpy ‘automatic endorsement only’ on my license, but I don’t care. I don’t want to learn roundabouts and a stick at the same time, thx. 🙂

      Joseph has a very good deflated face, as you can imagine.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “Apparently British people consider that a prize and not, you know, an act of cruelty.”

    Haha! You need to write a book on the cultural divide – I’d buy it!

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