It’s always interesting..

..the things the kids do pick up. For example, Joseph just can’t keep the word ‘solfege’ in his head. But he’s lived through enough british Christmas Fetes that he has the concept of the obligatory fundraising schemes down. He picked up a toy binoculars that James had attempted to fix but had somehow made so fuzzy as to be unusable. The thing came free with a magazine, so that’s no surprise. Joseph put a positive spin on it though and said he’d put it in his tombola pile. He giggled and asked if I knew that that was, then quickly answered, ‘It’s where I put all the crappy junk I want to get rid of. It’s too junky to give to charity, but too good to throw away, so that’s what I do!’ He’s been the recipient of a few too many rubbish prizes, I think. lol

Nyssa is incapable of saying ‘Rumpelstiltskin’, though her permutations are adorable. She has however picked up on my running commentary on my fellow man (particularly fellow man whilst driving recklessly). She was telling me yesterday that she didn’t want to go out in her ‘home dress’ because it’s quite loudly patterned and people might tease her. I asked her why she thought people might do that, and she sighed and answered, ‘I dunno, some people are just asses?’

Another youtube find–this woman Imogen Heap has a beautiful voice, is a talented songwriter, and…check out her hand/ear coordination!

In the mail today, I got my provisional driving license! Wow, it took *less* than the time quoted by about half. So of course I’m now going to just assume that my passport that is to be sent back separately has been shredded or somesuch.

So, if you’ve always wondered what a UK provisional license looks like..there it is. Sucks, there’s also this piece of paper that you’re meant to carry around with it. That’s right, paper. I’m also a little peeved about the rubbish black and white photo. I actually managed to get a decent photo at the little shopping centre booth, and as you can see there was little point in even putting makeup on. Ah. Well. I’ve scheduled my theory test, I’m securing a parking place for my imaginary car, I’m getting there. After four years, I might just be driving again soon!

I might have mentioned getting a DS. It’s too fun, seriously. The kids obviously love the thing, and Purr Pals has somehow also rekindled their love of their Tamagotchis. Now, I’m as nervous as any parent of the influence of techie toys, but have to say, few toys inspire so much snugglebug time, as seen here:

That, incidentally, is the ‘home dress’.


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3 Responses to “It’s always interesting..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Such adorable kids! My Youngest ALWAYS asks for a Crapri Sun drink, regardless of my teasing.

    I had a provisional license once but it expired some years ago. That’s a bit like having a packet of condoms go out of date isn’t it? I’ve had that too….

    Remind me because I forget: can you already drive but just need a UK license? or are you starting from scratch? I can turn the wheel okay but I get the accelerator and the brake confused and the gears are just there to befuddle me.


    • rosgen Says:

      I’ve had a license since, umm..about age 17. That’s *really* old to get one’s license where I’m from. In the States you get to test on an automatic and I guess they leave it up to Dad/older brothers/friends/etc. to teach you a manual. I shall be testing on an automatic here even though it will mean no manual endorsement. I’ll be having a hard enough time driving on the left without having to also manage a clutch, thank you very much šŸ™‚

      Apparently the british accelerator is on the right, like in the US. If not, I’m screwed. I don’t think I can reprogram my legs at this age!

  2. rasjane Says:

    Awwww, so sweet!
    Your license pic looks great, btw.
    M confuses all kinds of words still. Its cute, and I try not to tease him. Really, I do!

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