Sunday Zen

I very happily found a link to Chihuly’s Kew Garden Exhibition photos. I’m still getting over being gutted at not making it down to see it in person. I’ve adored Chihuly glass for ages. I don’t know what it is about it, but his works are among the few sorts that have penetrated my brain enough that they inform the design of my dreams. In particular, the Macchia:

So, Joseph’s blood came back as very low in iron. He’s still being referred to a specialist though, so I’m not sure what the deal is. In the meantime, he’s got massive bottles of iron elixir to get through. It’s charming how providers of pharmaceuticals just never get the ergonomics thing right. I had to find a liquor bottle pouring lid whatsit to put on his iron bottle, else we’d spill as much product filling the measuring spoon as he’d get down his throat.

What else, what else. I’m trying not to lose my head with all the things I’m having to remember to plan. Some things on the list include: getting the cats vaccinations completed, get Mitu a dental cleaning/potential teeth pulling, getting everyone else their teeth appointments, getting my eyes examined, scheduling science week stuff, scheduling our april trip and whatever else we’ll tack onto that trip, getting my driving license, buying a car, sorting details for our trip home, etc. It doesn’t seem like that much once typed out, but it’s too much to carry around in my brain at once, which causes me funky tummy. All I can say is thank jeebus for google calendar.

In crafty news, my brilliantly weird way of knitting continental is just not producing the gauge I need. It sucks because it doesn’t bother my right wrist nearly as much and is, dare I say, faster. Meh.

I had the fun of pretending to tell Nyssa off for something unusual this morning–she woke me up just at the point in my dreaming at which I was about get a fabulous chocolate pie served to me in a restaurant. That was to make up for the fact that a few moments before I had noticed that the aquariums on all the tables had dead fish in them. If you know me, you might be aware of the strange aversion I have to dead fish floating in water. I deserved my pie. Well, in real life it is dessert night, so I have an inkling what I’ll be choosing..hehe.


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One Response to “Sunday Zen”

  1. rasjane Says:

    You may not think that is much of a list, but I do! Yikes. Get those little laborers busy!
    I hope you can get Joseph’s woes figured out. Poor kiddo.:(
    Bring your knitting along and we’ll compare techniques? I’d love to see your new style.
    And now you have me thinking about chocolate cake. mmmmmmmmmm

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