Nyssa asks,

“So where in the world do they put kids in jail? Texas?”

That one sort of came out of nowhere, but after getting my snickering under control, I tried to explain the various institutions, that exist in all of the US states, i.e. childrens’ homes and juvenile detention centres. She really didn’t understand the latter and wouldn’t believe me when I insisted that kids weren’t regularly tied up and beaten with sticks in these places (well, so say the inspectors anyway). My dear wee cynic. đŸ˜›

Later I asked her where she had heard about Texas, so as to understand her odd bias. She promptly replied (I’m paraphrasing), “Cartoons! And I know there are lots of wild animals there. But no cowboys and indians, that’s a myth. People there aren’t that smart, even though there’s a university.” I just sort of sat there with my mouth open. It bemuses me how kids can pull bits and pieces from all sorts of sources to come up with some of the strangest opinions. Preparation for the biases of adulthood I guess! This really didn’t help Texas’ case, but I couldn’t help but point out that that Dubya was once governor there. She was predictably unimpressed.

So, next on the academic to-do list: find a way to squeeze some of Texas’ positive attributes into the curriculum!

Cartoons aren’t all bad. I actually find them sort of soothing. I also love watching the kids watch them, because their giggles put my Celexa to shame. Joseph, between giggles this evening, said, “I just love watching the silly, stupid things they do in cartoons!”

This was a very, hmm, bumming around sort of weekend. I wasn’t feeling terrific, and the kids were low-energy. We had also lost a lot of sleep seeing James off early Saturday. We really didn’t do much of anything, in fact we only left the house because the cats had to have food. On a whim I bought some used xbox games at the mall. The kids spent the evening reviewing Futurama, Simpsons Hit and Run, and Super Monkey Ball. They’re all funny, but SMB is hilarious. Lots of falling into the drink and getting to b*tch-smack one’s sibling/child/mother. Considering we were meant to go to Young Archaeologists Club, Dance, Nyssa’s Guides’ Thinking Day service, then to the playpark, and then to a documentary showing at the cinema, the weekend really should seem like a wash. But we hung out and enjoyed each others’ company, so I think it’s fair enough.


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One Response to “Nyssa asks,”

  1. rasjane Says:

    I am laughing so hard. I think maybe Nyssa has Texas pegged. JK Molly Ivans was from Texas, after all.
    We may want to set the kids up in front of a funny show all together. M laughs so hard I wonder about his breathing. I wish I could still laugh like that. I think-my bladder ain’t what it used to be after all.
    I think that sounds like a lovely weekend! But, I’m the one who asks for a day in bed pretty much every year for my birthday.

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