Oh Jeebus

I’m using youtube to try to convince the kids that Blondie is awesome. We’re listening to ‘Maria’ and I ask Joseph what he thinks. He reports that, ‘the universal police have told me to turn off this putrid music or we’ll all be arrested,’ but that he used his teleporter to get rid of them. I asked him what *he* thought of it. He goes, ‘eh.’ *throttle*

Searching for permutations of ‘Guantanamera’ we found what the kids predictably thought was the best thing ever:


The kids had a strange yen for fortune cookies last night, and as the box was 49p I was happy to oblige. Joseph, as you might have guessed, isn’t terribly impressed by them. My mental age is roundabout 12, so I was quick to notice we had some excellent candidates for the ‘between the sheets’ game:

“Let your heart make your decisions–it does not get as confused as your head..between the sheets.”
“Start believing in your dreams and others will catch the fever..between the sheets.”
“You must be ruthless with any obstacles..between the sheets.”





One Response to “Oh Jeebus”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Oh, I just LOVE Blondie…LOVE them. I just heard the Puppini Sisters cover Heart of Glass…what a kick. Love the video!

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