..is a box of Animal Crackers. Failing that, a bag of them from Jenners that I got for 80% off is just about as good! (*nomnomnom*) That hoity toity department store in Edinburgh sells several items of American foodstuff, most of which are so over-priced that I point and squack. $10 for a box of Lucky Charms? Who is buying this stuff? What I look for are the clearance items hidden throughout the store. Good times to be had. Anyway, Animal Crackers. It finally occurred to me today that the packaging really shouldn’t make me happy. A polar bear, a lion, etc., all locked up in tiny circus cages. I think the cynic has finally consumed my entire person. It’s sad. They still taste like happy though.

So, Nyssa has been having issues taking proper care of her hair. I do sympathize. It has just a bit of a natural wave, and it’s quite thick. So, rather than hack it all off, I compromised and layered it. One doesn’t normally see layers on such young girls, and I’m really not into teenagering up little pickles. I mean, the term ‘tween’ makes me want to sock somebody. But I was trying to be practical given my circumstances. It does bring out the wave, which is cute. I also cut it in such a way that she can still obsessively tuck it behind her ears. What do you think?

A couple weekends ago Joseph and James went snowboarding with the Cub Scouts! I’m so very happy to report that they both had a great time. I was a bit nervous, truth be told. Watch him in action below:


As you can see he developed his own style ;).
(if youtube continues to be a b*st*rd about displaying the video, check it out here.


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4 Responses to “Happiness..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh I nearly bought those sale price Animal Crackers! I’ve never tried them before and I love the Melanie song. I am English but have a mild obsession with investigating overseas snackery! I get pudding mix and peanut butter sandwich crackers mailed to me (still works out cheaper than Jenners!) and I am in love with a biscuitless biscuit-style product from Tennesse called Goo Goos or something.

    Everytime I am in London I go to this great shop: http://www.cybercandy.co.uk/aaasmt/ to stock up on peanut butter confectionary (why the UK has never embraced this is a complete mystery to me). The prices there are about as bad as Jenners. I remember seeing a packet of Oreos in Jenners for a bit under a fiver once, and laughing myself into a coughing fit.

    Mumbelina/Elsa Fay

    • rosgen Says:

      I must admit to buying things from Cyber Candy’s website. Ostensibly it’s always to do something like buy hello kitty treats for my daughter’s birthday, but several other items tend to find their way into the shopping cart. 🙂

    • rosgen Says:

      Also, I would love to commiserate with you over your various blog posts, but your blog seems to have gone private..

      • Anonymous Says:

        Oh! Thanks! It’s only temporary because I was feeling a bit exposed and wanted to hide away for a bit…I’ll put it back on public soon.

        I really love reading your blog – I just booked Dr Who tickets and I had no idea the exhibition was even on…my boys will be way excited!

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