James got a letter the other day from his employer with two good bits of news. The first is that he’s passed his probationary period and is now ‘officially’ employed. This is always good. The second is that he has a very official-looking document on thick paper from Disclosure Scotland saying that he’s not a criminal (according to record anyway :P). Should I get it framed? Hehe.

So in contrast to my productive, tax-paying man, who had to work this weekend.. Poor thing had to get up at 6-something both days and commute into Edinburgh. Did I get up as well, perhaps making a carafe of coffee in commiseration? Hell no, I luxuriated in a bed all by myself. The kids got up at some point, but wisely left me alone. Roundabout noon Nyssa came in to chat or cuddle, I can’t recall exactly. A bit later I sat up. A while after that I spent some time petting cats, still in bed, of course. The absolute lack of energy expenditure was fantastic.

I’ll be paying it for this week though. Joseph has come down with what I suspect is norovirus and James just got a last-minute ticket to skip town, er, I mean a job assignment down South somewhere and will miss what will surely be an eventful few days.

I’m about to hit ‘post’ and Giganto Kitten comes careening in here, does a circuit of the room, and then blasts back out towards the stairs. The carpet-ripping run ends abruptly, there’s a second of silence, then sad kitten meows. Then silence. Then round two of speed demoning. *sigh*


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2 Responses to “Contrast”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Feel better, Jos!
    Mmmmmm, the luxuriating in bed sounds like a delicious way to spend the weekend. Someday, I’ll have kids old enough to (safely) entertain themselves and I’ll go back to keeping my butt in bed as long as I feel like it.
    Tell James he’s in good company. Even with Baby E, I rarely get out of bed in time to tell C goodbye. Or maybe it’s because of baby E…


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thought I’d comment since I’ve been reading your blog for a wee while – always gives me a laugh!

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