Youtube Goodness

Whatever would we do without youtube? A movie nowadays isn’t complete without the kids harping afterward to chase up various scenes and songs online. This time, after watching Nacho Libre, they insisted I find ‘Religious Man,’ by Mr. Loco. In the course of searching I found this:

As you can probably imagine, my weirdo offspring squeaked with laughter to this ten or so times.

On a semi-related note, we tried out the Rosetta Stone language program because they offer latin-american Spanish. Is good. Now I’m banging my head against the wall trying to decide whether to go for the online subscription or the homeschool cd edition. The latter comes with books and worksheets, but having to use multiple cds generally pisses me off. It’s also exorbitantly expensive, as I’d have to buy 2 copies, and I’m not convinced I couldn’t just make up the written drill myself, i.e., with and the like. Argh. In any case, I was surprised that it was Joseph who took to it most readily. He finds the verb ‘beber’ amusing, particularly as you can say, ‘Bebé bebe.’ If he can already appreciate that sort of word play, he’ll do just fine. Nyssa is, um, a bit of a learning hummingbird. Having to sit and repeat after the speaker for a certain length of time at a pre-determined pace really rubs her the wrong way. I’m a big meanie I guess, but that will prepare her for life just as the British practice of queuing does, imho. Opinions?


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