Will, meet Grace

Nyssa has been dreamily gushing for the last couple weeks about a certain boy from drama group named Taylor. Certain traits have stood out in my mind, tell me if primetime tv has made me quick to jump to conclusions. First of all, Nyssa says he dresses well. The boy, it should be noted, is perhaps 9? Second, she goes on about how exquisite his manners are. Now, I understand that these things don’t necessarily imply anything. Indeed, my own boy has similarly charming (and underappreciated!) mannerisms and has as yet only had wee crushes on females (without encouragement–I mean, isn’t a doting gay son every modern mom’s dream?). But then Nyssa describes his interests. Among them, young Taylor loves to dance and apparently Swan Lake is the light of his existence. Mmm hmm. I had to smile a bit at that point, but of course I wouldn’t spoil Nyssa’s little crush. It’s actually sort of an interesting break from her long-standing assertion that she’ll only consider marrying a girl, which I suspect is more a personal denouncement of how yucky little boys her age are rather than a romantic preference for females. Kids are funny–liberal kids even more so it seems!

We got perhaps the strangest thing yet in the mail today–usb ebay Christmas lights. A gift to reward our over-indulgence in the site? One of my first thoughts was, ‘wonder how many cheap bastards will pop these immediately onto ebay..’ Well, check it out! Hehehehe. At least a couple are good enough to give the proceeds to charity. Regardless though, it does speak volumes about a particular segment of the online population. I’ll mentally gloss over what it says about us in particular.


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2 Responses to “Will, meet Grace”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So is it bad that I refuse to believe our kids are old enough to find members of the opposite sex charming?
    I thought Nyssa was moving to China with her friend so they wouldn’t have to be around boys anymore. I love that one. Perhaps a nice little queer boy would be the perfect fit for her!
    So I heard a rumor about May??

    Oh, and the lights crack me up. I’m curious just how “over-indulgent” you have to be.


    • rosgen Says:

      See, I don’t know. Joseph has always got along quite amiably with girls. In fact, a few years ago I had to intervene in a crush that got a bit obsessive (and scary for the girl–can you imagine tiny Joseph scaring anyone?)

      Yes, rumors are true. I’m trying not to be a paranoid fatalist. I’m also planning to get my valium prescription refilled for the journey :P.

      Well, I hadn’t thought we were too bad, but then I had a think. James uses ebay for all sorts of computer nonsense. I get everything on ebay, from second-hand skirts, to beads, to yarn, to drill bits, to curricula, to toys, to cosmetics, to scouting uniforms… I bought a significant number of the kids’ christmas presents there too. Guess it all adds up. At least we’ve sold a few things! Sadly, most of those were curriculum books that I bought at retail when a naive homeschooling newb. Ah well..

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