Bionicle Hell

OK, for most of us, myself included, what follows will be gobbledygook. However, some brave people have expressed an interest in getting Joseph Bionicle for Xmas, so here are things he would like:

-Maxilos and Spinak
-Toas: Hahli, Jaller, Matoro, Nuparu, Kongu
-Barraki Deep Sea Patrol
-Toa Undersea Attack

He notes: “P.S. If you are getting one Mahri, please get 8914, then 8911, 8913, 8915 and finally 8910.”

OH, may as well say something about Nyssa’s Sylvanian Families(UK)/Calico Critters(US). She would like the wedding-related stuff. I’m going to get her the river boat and little crews that go with it, and a cottontail bunny family.



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