Oh teh noes

Lolanimal + environmental statement = teh win

Leave me alone, I need extra squee. James has started his new job, and I have the usual paranoia that he won’t be happy, that it will uproot our lives, that when he’s out even further in the big, interesting world he’ll forget his stumpy little wife at home… OK I know it’s pathetic. Shove off.

I performed a small experiment on Joseph last night. He’s always wanting to stay up late, so I finally let him. We stayed up until 5 in the morning. He’s pretty useless at the moment, hehe. I’m hoping that will make an impression, instead of, you know, making him that much more likely to be a night owl. I’m not sure he stands a chance though. He and I are too much like my dad. Jos and I were talking slightly resentfully last night about Nyssa, and how she has such a brilliant body clock that will interrupt whatever she’s doing and she’ll happily trot off to bed and just as happily roll out of it again in the morning. Aunt M doesn’t need to have kids, the world already has a mini-her. 😉

Is it possible for an animal to be an asshole? I think our ‘kitten’ qualifies. I fed the cats last night, and he desperately thunders into the kitchen as usual. Instead of eating at his bowl, he does his flop and tummy roll maneuver in front of Mitu’s bowl, boofing it with his head so Mitu can’t eat. Mitu finally shoots him a dirty look and switches bowls. Mittens, lazy arsehole, doesn’t even get off his tummy and sort of worms his head over the edge of the bowl to start eating. Evidentally it’s not good enough, because he gets up, walks over to Mitu and bodychecks him out of the way so he can eat from that bowl. What a pill. I guess there is some improvement to his behavior this year though. So far he’s only eaten 2 rolls of wrapping paper. There’s also a paper chain we’re working on that should be within tantalizing reach and he’s not so much as touched it. He makes me nervous.


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2 Responses to “Oh teh noes”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck to James in his new job! All will be fine. But I totally understand. I sometimes feel the same way.
    I can’t imagine my M staying up that late and being at all worth being around for the next week or so. G maybe, when he’s older.


  2. moknits Says:

    Okay, your narrative about the cats is freakin’ hilarious. Seriously. I was laughing like a spazz. 🙂

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