For the benefit of Mr James

..what the Mrs. wants for Christmas

– a Christmas pyramid from the German market
– Montezuma or Godiva chocolate
– the Lonely Planet ‘Experimental Travel’ book
– a stainless steel frothing pitcher and thermometer
– a candy thermometer
– a super-ergonomic chef knife, with a more bow-shaped hilt
– anything by Bjork post Vespertine
– ‘White Christmas,’ ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ and ‘Charlie brown Xmas’ on DVD. What. Shut up. (wait, I bought White Christmas for myself)
– led kinetic wheel, AWSUM! (ditto..what, it was £1.99 at Camera Obscura!)
– the dyson handheld
– countertop dishwasher *sigh* i admit that the ebay one was a fiasco. now buy me a new one for being properly contrite
– Armani ‘Diamonds’ set
– Body Shop Vanilla Spice stuff
– Estee lauder xmas set of 6 lip glosses
– Michael Palin’s Hemingway Adventure book
– ‘How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking’ and ‘How to Eat’ by Nigella Lawson
– Moosewood Cookbooks I don’t have
– Howard Zinn histories
– a good jigsaw. not a puzzle.
– zmag, new consumer, or harpers subscription
– Bob Dylan Live 1975: the Rolling Thunder Revue CD
– framed, mounted, whatever print of the above
– ‘Happiness is a Sad Song’ by Charles M. Shulz
– a big, gorgeous dictionary, perhaps even a stand for it
– a clarsach, with semi-tone levers *pokes*
– a Wii (pipe dream, given the current demand situation)
– a DS
– Zelda: Link to the Past for GBA
– big, gorgeous houseplants
– florist pussy willows or *really* good fakes
– Futurama and simpsons on dvd
– ‘I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence’ by Amy Sedaris
– fair trade shop decor items, particularly wall hangings
– interesting textiles
– several skeins at least of debbie bliss astrakhan, noro anything, rowan big wool or scottish tweed, or anything else that looks interesting. big gauge wool is nice as I have waning energy for knitting and that’s a pity. stop laughing, james.
– a filter coffee maker with a timer and an insulated caraffe or heat plate. i don’t care what you say, i want one.
– a photo printer
– a color printer
– wireless headphones
– quilting fabric (fat quarter or otherwise): retro/vintage christmas fabric, flannel checks and plaids, batiks, etc.
– head/neck scarves
– kilt/scarf pins, brooches
– a kitten…ok not really (yes really..keeps me from wanting a baby)
– i wanna go to disneyworld.
– i want to be genuinely warm in an outside location for several hours.

Isn’t daydreaming fun?



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