There are more US colleges in the world top 10 than UK colleges. I flaunt this being the trailer trash wife of an Oxford-bred boy who enjoys mocking the US school system. To be fair, what would be more useful would be knowing how the average colleges compare, or for that matter the average secondary schools. I’m sure the statistics are out there to be googled but I’m too tired.

Why am I too tired? First, a week+ of insomnia with bonus 8:20 am doctor appointment for Nyssa. We haven’t figured out yet what’s going on, but she’s being referred to a pediatrician at the hospital. Hmm… Oh, Nyssa was good enough to point out that I was ‘very angry’ with her for needing the bathroom once in TK Maxx. I felt a right monster. Fair enough to feel that at home, it’s a mom’s job really, but you’ve got to have perspective when chatting to the doctor. Unless she wants him to call child protection services. 😛 It’s funny though how assessment of parents’ behavior has changed in one generation. When my parents were angry there was absolutely no mistaking it, and most kids my age will know why. I guess we have to be more subtle in our dealings nowadays, so god forbid you’re having an off day and your tone of voice changes substantially. I was watching a program late last night (I say I was watching..it was on while I was semi-comatose) and I remember someone academic saying that the major social shift in family life has been that towards emphasis on kids’ happiness being the barometer of all being well in the home. We are sort of ridiculously child-centered. Is it ridiculous? Sometimes, particularly at birthdays and Christmas, I really wonder.


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One Response to “Ha”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am the worlds meanest mommy. Just ask my 8yo. He’ll tell you. Yesterday I said we had to get home and make dinner instead of playing on something at the apple orchard. 2 hours of fits later, dad had a talk with him. Yup, I’m mean alright. I’m not sure you can even compete! LOL!
    I hope Nyssa is alright and you figure out something easy to make it all better. That all sounds quite miserable for her. (And You!)


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