There’s a gap in my grammar education that only made me start bristling my eyebrows after I moved to Scotland. I started hearing Fife folk say “Amn’t”, which grated on my ears for some reason. But then I thought about it. When I say something like, “Aren’t I already a maid, am I a pack horse as well?!?” I’m being grammatically incorrect, am I not? It just doesn’t sound like it because I’m used to hearing it. Really, “amn’t I,” should sound much better, shouldn’t it? ‘Are’ gets a contraction, why not ‘am’? James thinks it sounds appalling. So do I, but I’m open to persuasion. The kids have Fife friends, so it’s already a part of their grammar lexicon. What do you think? Can’t be bothered to comment? I understand. I’ll make a nifty poll!

I’m quite curious what “y’all” will say actually. 😉



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