Packages continued

In a previous post I rambled on about customs. I may as well also talk about package contents as well, and get the social awkwardness out of the way.

So, first I guess I should post what we definitely don’t need any more of, due to the generousity of friends and family or because we can get them here:

– kool-aid. Seriously. No more.
– Wilton cake dyes.
– chewing gum (I don’t let the kids have it–sorry Mo, I just can’t get over some neuroses 😉
– black beans
– Starburst and Skittles
– regular Oreos (though double stuff, mint, dipped, etc. would be gratefully accepted)

Things that are always welcome, in any quantity:
– red hots
– hershey kisses
– hershey anything, really
– little reeses peanut butter cups
– reeses pieces
– little debbie/hostess stuff
– graham crackers
– lucky charms. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve found it here, and it costs the equivalent of $10 USD for a small box. I do love those wee marshmallows too. On the subject of breakfast food, I also miss cocoa pebbles and luna bars..
– those fruit roll-ups you find in the produce section, as opposed to the ones with the fruit-by-the-foot (which are evilly tasty, but we have those here)
– cocoa mix with the little marshmallows

People-specific ideas for Christmas, etc.:

– Bionicle, though you might ask for specifics here
– space books
– small stuffed animals
– Doctor Who anything
– craft kits
– boy scouty-type stuff (orienteering, identification, etc.)
– ‘cool’ t-shirts

– Sylvanian families
– health/anatomy books, kits, etc.
– kids exercise dvds (we have a multi-region player)
– any of the newer barbie movies (I think the most recent we have is Princess and the Pauper)
– Hello Kitty stuff
– paper dolls
– Polly Pocket (she needs more of the actual dolls, apparently)
– craft kits
– soft, loose-fitting pants/trousers. No denim or she’ll whinge that she has ‘the wedgie’.

– um..I better ask him. Please, no more t-shirts. Nice soft flannelly shirts would be nice.
– he likes nice pens
– I just asked him, and he says he doesn’t know *rolls eyes*

Hopefully that’s helpful. I always feel strange making lists like that (I even felt wierd writing wishlists to Santa as a kid), but I should be realistic.

Anyway, remember me saying I was intending to be all productive while the kids were gone? Well, it’s already only a couple days until they’re back. Here’s a record of my productivity thus far:

+ ordered a few books on the Tudors
+ got Nyssa’s presents all sorted
+ I think I might have sent a card at some point
+ I paid some bills. Well, technically they’re autodraft bills, so they don’t really count. But I checked the account to make sure they went through! I’m reaching I think.
+ I made a couple pictures posts to my blogs.
+ I made a kitsch christmas card holder (see knitting blog)
+ I knitted and frogged about 6 inches of knitting several times
+ I got a new bag to hold my ribbons
+ I watered the plants (I think)

Pretty bad right? It gets worse. The first week I was ill and completely neglected the house. I don’t remember much really, but the state of the house speaks volumes. Tallying in the backlog of laundry and dishes, I’d say I actually managed to accomplish a *negative* amount these many days. Wow.

Ah well. Soon enough the kids will be back and I’ll be productive whether I want to be or not. 🙂



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