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October 19, 2007

News of the goings on of those in power can be irritating. More irritating generally are the ass-hats who comment on said news: truancy sweeps in England Of course my comments are never less than mind-blisteringly insightful ;).

My favorite web hangouts, perhaps predictably, tend to therefore err on the side of whimsy. For example: I can has cheezburger? This site gives me utter happiness, daily, bless it!

This is definitely more kitsch than whimsy, but its appeal should be either immediate or entirely-non-forthcoming: stitchy mcyarnpants–with bonus post on the gelatin-laden savory dishes of days gone by!

If you have a cat, I insist you come visit Mitu and sign up your own kitty so they can be friends–united cats. *nods seriously*



October 19, 2007

There’s a gap in my grammar education that only made me start bristling my eyebrows after I moved to Scotland. I started hearing Fife folk say “Amn’t”, which grated on my ears for some reason. But then I thought about it. When I say something like, “Aren’t I already a maid, am I a pack horse as well?!?” I’m being grammatically incorrect, am I not? It just doesn’t sound like it because I’m used to hearing it. Really, “amn’t I,” should sound much better, shouldn’t it? ‘Are’ gets a contraction, why not ‘am’? James thinks it sounds appalling. So do I, but I’m open to persuasion. The kids have Fife friends, so it’s already a part of their grammar lexicon. What do you think? Can’t be bothered to comment? I understand. I’ll make a nifty poll!

I’m quite curious what “y’all” will say actually. 😉

Racist baby shampoo?

October 18, 2007

I bought some J&J baby shampoo the other day and chose the chamomile one because it smelled decent. Later in the bathroom, I read the bottle (doesn’t everyone read bottles when bored? no?). It said that it contains chamomile extract, duh, but then went on to say that it ‘keeps the light color of your baby’s hair.’ What the holy hell? Am I overreacting in finding this more than a smidge offensive? On several levels? Sheesh.

Nyssa pulled a prank on James today and I’m ever so proud. While Joseph was learning to knit earlier, she got her own ball of yarn and proceeded to make ‘knot art.’ She ended up with a dangly ball on a string and we tested it on Mitu. Now Mitu is a mysterious cat, in that he always has the most gorgeous smelling fur, but has the funkiest breath EVAR. A couple nips on Nyssa’s yarn thing and it was smelling really nasty. That’s when I had the idea to have Nyssa go run into James’ room and tell him she made a lovely perfumed ball and ask him to smell it. She runs in there, giggling so much she can hardly be understood, but still manages to convince James to take a good sniff. HAHAHAHAHA. FUNK’D! 😀

Oh speaking of Joseph learning to knit, he managed to learn to do so much more quickly than I did. Do I feel pride in him or shame in myself? I’m conflicted.

I hurt my back fairly badly a couple weeks ago, not sure how. My dear seester gave me advice via email and I’m much better. Not only is she a treasure trove of dietary/exercise/health info herself, but she works at a hospital and has colleagues with a whole lot of skillsets she can tap. I wish I could be so useful. She’s learning to knit too, and is good enough to ask me questions so I can feel helpful :).

I established a couple house rules this week. The first is that we only do dessert on Sunday. After 10 years of my weight fluctuating by about 30 pounds, I’ve finally decided that I’m happier at the ‘heavy’ side of 135. It helps with the post-pregnancy deflated body parts. Most girls will know what I’m talking about. Most boys have probably stopped reading by this point, so no worries. ;). Anyway, after I had been fairly immobile for a week or more when I hurt my back, I stepped on the scales and let out an audible ‘woooah.’ Much more discipline needed. I refuse to be enslaved by the Scottish fatty/sugary food addiction, even if it is the loveliest, wonderfullest addiction going…

Right, so the next rule also has to do with my back in a roundabout sort of way. Though my back is mostly better, certain movements really aggravate it. One of those is standing up and having to do things with outstretched arms. Dishes, of course, is one of these. I’m not making this up just to get out of a despised chore (I would have thought of it a long time ago if I were that sort of person)! I think it’s because I’m short, but yeah. The new associated rule is that everyone has to wash any dish that they themselves dirty. So simple! The cooking dishes are really never the problem, it’s the 2 billion cups and plates that accumulate. I’ve tried reducing the stock of dishes in the kitchen a few times, to no avail. They breed when you shut the cupboard doors, seriously. No, that’s a lie, they actually breed in the sink because god forbid I should open a cupboard door to find extra clean dishes when I want them. So yeah, we’ll see how these new rules play out.

Packages continued

October 2, 2007

In a previous post I rambled on about customs. I may as well also talk about package contents as well, and get the social awkwardness out of the way.

So, first I guess I should post what we definitely don’t need any more of, due to the generousity of friends and family or because we can get them here:

– kool-aid. Seriously. No more.
– Wilton cake dyes.
– chewing gum (I don’t let the kids have it–sorry Mo, I just can’t get over some neuroses 😉
– black beans
– Starburst and Skittles
– regular Oreos (though double stuff, mint, dipped, etc. would be gratefully accepted)

Things that are always welcome, in any quantity:
– red hots
– hershey kisses
– hershey anything, really
– little reeses peanut butter cups
– reeses pieces
– little debbie/hostess stuff
– graham crackers
– lucky charms. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve found it here, and it costs the equivalent of $10 USD for a small box. I do love those wee marshmallows too. On the subject of breakfast food, I also miss cocoa pebbles and luna bars..
– those fruit roll-ups you find in the produce section, as opposed to the ones with the fruit-by-the-foot (which are evilly tasty, but we have those here)
– cocoa mix with the little marshmallows

People-specific ideas for Christmas, etc.:

– Bionicle, though you might ask for specifics here
– space books
– small stuffed animals
– Doctor Who anything
– craft kits
– boy scouty-type stuff (orienteering, identification, etc.)
– ‘cool’ t-shirts

– Sylvanian families
– health/anatomy books, kits, etc.
– kids exercise dvds (we have a multi-region player)
– any of the newer barbie movies (I think the most recent we have is Princess and the Pauper)
– Hello Kitty stuff
– paper dolls
– Polly Pocket (she needs more of the actual dolls, apparently)
– craft kits
– soft, loose-fitting pants/trousers. No denim or she’ll whinge that she has ‘the wedgie’.

– um..I better ask him. Please, no more t-shirts. Nice soft flannelly shirts would be nice.
– he likes nice pens
– I just asked him, and he says he doesn’t know *rolls eyes*

Hopefully that’s helpful. I always feel strange making lists like that (I even felt wierd writing wishlists to Santa as a kid), but I should be realistic.

Anyway, remember me saying I was intending to be all productive while the kids were gone? Well, it’s already only a couple days until they’re back. Here’s a record of my productivity thus far:

+ ordered a few books on the Tudors
+ got Nyssa’s presents all sorted
+ I think I might have sent a card at some point
+ I paid some bills. Well, technically they’re autodraft bills, so they don’t really count. But I checked the account to make sure they went through! I’m reaching I think.
+ I made a couple pictures posts to my blogs.
+ I made a kitsch christmas card holder (see knitting blog)
+ I knitted and frogged about 6 inches of knitting several times
+ I got a new bag to hold my ribbons
+ I watered the plants (I think)

Pretty bad right? It gets worse. The first week I was ill and completely neglected the house. I don’t remember much really, but the state of the house speaks volumes. Tallying in the backlog of laundry and dishes, I’d say I actually managed to accomplish a *negative* amount these many days. Wow.

Ah well. Soon enough the kids will be back and I’ll be productive whether I want to be or not. 🙂