Such a week (or three)!

Some recent photos:

People who live and shop on our street may be lucky enough to see these cute, happy little things popping out their front door.

We tried this photo about a dozen times before we managed to get all three people in the frame.

Dalkeith Country Park was amazing. It was the anti-Health and Safety. Wobbly sky walks, unfinished splintery wood, 2-story high slides..ahhh, that was a *proper* play park. And it was set in the trees!

Two lovely little maidens in the trees.

I love this photo.

I also love highland cows.

At the country park, this massive bridge was apparently a wedding gift. Is concrete not traditionally the 15th anniversary gift? 😉

This is Nyssa when I was trying to capture her Aunt Mo face on camera. Pretty good actually, hehe.

We went to an animal-themed birthday party. Nyssa was adamant that she didn’t want to dress up, but she did do an interpretation of a parrot with her normal wardrobe.

Joseph’s concession to themed dress was a dinosaur shirt.

I found this poor little child in the luggage rack and decided to keep him.

When our kind friend gives us a ride to events in the Edinburgh area, this invariably is the place we go to escape rush-hour traffic.

One big event of the week–Nyssa turned 8! This, of course, Joseph will be bemoaning until he turns nine. This incidentally is Grandma R burning herself.

It never fails to be the case that each holiday there is one small and seemly insubstantial present that the kids go head over heels for. The squeal-inducing gift this year was a Hello Kitty pez dispenser.

The other news of the week is that my son is famous! He was in no less than two papers, The Scotman and The Herald. I thought Nyssa would play to the camera, but apparently Joseph has more of an inner model. Whoulda thunk?? The other child is one of our little home ed friends. The shoot was for Historic Scotland and was done at Edinburgh Castle. Cool beans, eh?


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