Barns are Good

I knocked out a new layout this evening, nifty isn’t it? Well, it’s not quite so depressing as the half-dead tulips anyway. I’ve sort of had the fields back home on my mind. So.

For those interested parties, Joseph’s head is getting better. He’s still got the lump, but it’s softer and he doesn’t complain of pain anymore. He’s dutifully taking his medicine three times a day, which impresses me. We’ve had him off his brown controller inhaler for a week or so and after we were out in the woods yesterday he was a bit wheezy. That little experiment was good then; I’ll get his prescription refilled and keep him on it over the winter at least.

Speaking of playing in the woods, I did take pictures and I shall indeed post them. It was the best play park I’ve seen in the country. I’ll probably put off doing it until the kids are gone with their grandparents. It’s super that they get to go, but I do like to pile a lot of projects up for me to do (or ignore) to take my mind off the two missing appendages.


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One Response to “Barns are Good”

  1. Anonymous Says:



    i read through the past 3 or 4 posts that were new to me–the Nyssa day totally cracked me up! I made Tyler read and he laughed also…I can totally imagine Nyssa in the various situations you narrated. rofl.

    post more pictures! (like I’m one to talk, considering I take forever to get it done! meh.) hugs!

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