Sad Joseph

Well, you can never have too long a run of happy times, can you? 😛 Over the weekend Joseph developed a very dodgy-looking lump on the back of his head, about an inch in diameter that’s flesh-colored, though now a bit more inflamed. It’s been causing him so much pain that we took him to the doctor today. After he very bravely endured being prodded repeatedly by the nurse, who didn’t know what the heck it was, and then the doctor, we were told that it was *probably* an infected abscess or a very strangely positioned swollen gland and were given antibiotics. That of course means the 3-dose-a-day-for-longer-than-we-can-possibly-manage hell of guilt. It’s a good thing the kids’ lives have never depended on the completion of a course of antibiotics, because, to be quite honest, I’ve never managed it. Now that Joseph is older we stand a much better chance because even though the taste is ‘the worst thing in the world’ according to the poor boy, he’s the one to rely on when we need a task master. He’s seldom seen not toting around his watch and indeed is frequently aggravated by its apparent insistence on trying to hide from him (things have a way of migrating around my untidy house..). I should set my google calendar to bleep at me, but I’m loathe to mess with the balance I have with it–it beeps at me just frequently enough that I read it rather than just totally disregard it. It’s a peculiar psyche I have, but I’ve learned to work around it. Mostly. 😛

Nyssa finally got a letter with a contact for Girl Guides, so hopefully soon the lady will call back with the excellent news that not only is there space for Nyn, but it’s on a convenient night and just a couple blocks away from the flat. One can wish..



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