Happy Joseph

Joseph is happily watching reruns of Doctor Who as I type this. We’re both very happy because he had his first scouts meeting on Wednesday, and he had a grand time. He played floor hockey, learned to make trail markets, and even met fellow Whovians. I’m so glad he got on well. He had been very iffy about going recently, but we felt he needed some time around non-family members, being boisterous with other kids. Poor Nyssa is still waiting for information about scouts for her, and is quite envious of her brother. I’m not too sympathetic though, since she had dance last year which gave her more activity time that Joseph. Speaking of dance, they finally sent out the syllabus the other day. Classes would start next week! This gave me no time to try and mesh it into our schedule, and I don’t think it’s going to work. I don’t think she’s too bothered though, since there will be movement elements in her theatre group and the dance classes are very exam-focused. She *hates* exams, and other similar forms of pressure. Just doing timed tests for times tables about freaked her out. We had to start doing them orally.

So, I’m putting together my first quilt. Well, technically that’s not true. Years ago I started piecing together a folk quilt christmas hanging thing. I got as far as appliqueing stuff on it, but it’s still got no backing. Also, the pieces didn’t have to match up in any appreciable way, so I don’t think it really counts. The one I’m doing is a simple rail fence pattern. *And* the only thing I bought to work on it was a rotary cutter. My mom had sent the fabric ages ago, some lovely batiks, and I even filched the cutting mat from something else I already had. That said, when I have some money I will want a proper big one and one of those cool see through cutting guide whatsits. Anyway, something else to photograph at some point..


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    new journal

    What fun to hear what Joseph and Nyssa are doing with their activities. They are such super kids. Quilting is fun. I am glad you are working on it and seem to enjoy it. Shopping for fabric is way too much fun, I just recently found a new quilt shop in Lewiston. Yaaaaa!!!! I love your many pictures (love,mom)

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